About this website

FIRST: I want to share with you my passion for making video games. This site is not just a portfolio for all the game projects I have worked on, but also a resource for those wanting to get started making video games. My tutorials use a "learn-as-you-do" approach to learning about making games.

Beginners new to game development will also find the getting started tutorials useful. You don't even need to know how to code to get into developing games.

SECOND: I believe that the key to success lies in personal growth. Like many, I'm on a quest to accomplish/realize my dreams. On my blog, I share my thoughts on how and what we need to do to become the successful people we believe we can be.

Want to contact me?

Got a question for me about Video Game Development or Self Development? Or do you want to just say hi? You can reach via email leon@kidando.net.

But you can also follow me on social media where I'm also active.

About this guy

Leon Oscar Kidando

I'm Leon Oscar Kidando Lwoga. An app/game developer currently in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. I am Co-founder and Solution Designer for the software company VULEX Solutions Ltd.

When I'm not designing software systems for businesses, I am making video games. Yup! I'm indie.

And when I'm not making video games I'm making music.