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Choices – The Power We Have To Shape Our Future

4 January, 2017 | Self Development

Our choices shape our future. Not knowledge, financial status, genetic make-up or intelligence. Just because one is intelligent, does not necessarily mean that one will lead a healthy life. Consciously making choices aligned with a healthy lifestyle lead to a … Continue reading

The First Day Of The Rest Of YOUR Life

3 December, 2016 | Self Development

At least once, every single day, you are no different from the successful people you respect and admire. Continue reading

4 Ideas About Success That Could Be Preventing You From Succeeding

15 November, 2016 | Self Development

In our quest to achieve our goals, we stumble across an ocean of ideas, suggestions, tactics, principles about how people acquire success. And while some ideas actually help us make healthy progress towards those goals… other ideas slowly sabotage our efforts. Leaving us confused and wondering where we went wrong. Continue reading

Holding On To A Dream Even When Success Is Not In Sight

8 November, 2016 | Self Development

Waiting is probably the most frustrating part of the pursuit. You spend months, maybe even years working on an idea, goal or your dream… but don’t see the results of your efforts. Continue reading

You Are What You Repeatedly Do

1 November, 2016 | Self Development

Many ambitious dreamers seem to be convinced that ONE is the magic number that will help them realize success and fulfillment in their lives. For instance, if you want to be a successful software company, all you need is ONE great app idea. Or that if you want to be come a successful manager/leader all you need is ONE opportunity to prove yourself. Continue reading

Player Vs Spectator – Which Role Serves Your Dream The Most?

18 September, 2016 | Self Development

If we are to win at what we truly desire to achieve, then we must understand the important role we must play in making it happen. Not only that, but we must be ready to grow effectively in these roles or risk become our own obstacles to success. Continue reading

The Moment When You Have No Other Option But To Succeed

9 August, 2016 | Self Development

What would you do if you found out that you only had 3 and a half more months to live? Only 3 and a half. Would you still wake up early to go to work every day? Would you spend your weekends watching marathons of TV shows? Or would you spend every single day left complaining about how unfair your life has been? Continue reading

5 Things (Good and Bad) We Have Today That We Didn’t Have In The Past

5 August, 2016 | Self Development

Times have changed. We live in a world that many in the past, could have never dreamed of. But this is both a good and troubling thing. I would like to talk about some of the things we have to day that we never had before… and how they affect our lives. Continue reading

4 Excuses Achievers Never Subscribe To

28 June, 2016 | Self Development

Who is an achiever? A person that get’s things done. That’s it. Achievers live in only two very clear to understand states. The first is “before task started”. The second is “after task completed”. Those who are not achievers dwell in an intermediate state between the two. That state is called “excuses”. Continue reading

5 Habits To Help You Get Into The Winning Life

2 June, 2016 | Self Development

I’m completely convinced that success is a habit. Many believe that it’s something you arrive at after putting in significant effort in accomplishing a goal/dream. Actually, it’s the effort itself. Can you arrive at success without effort? Then the formula can be broken down to success equals effort. And what is effort? It is action, work or habit. Continue reading

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