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If We Are Related, We Shall Meet

29 April, 2016 | Self Development

The closing words from probably the greatest book I have ever read and probably will ever read. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Also part of a longer quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Continue reading

Motivation Doesn’t Always Work, But Discipline Does

23 April, 2016 | Self Development

At first, I used to believe that motivation was a key factor in helping men and women succeed in their quest to achieve grand goals. But after careful research I realized that motivation isn’t really a major factor of success for many that have achieved greatness. Instead, the key to long lasting achievement and fulfillment lies in discipline. Continue reading

12 Steps To The Life You Want

7 April, 2016 | Self Development

Deciding to pursue your ideal life is one thing. Beginning to pursue it, is something else entirely. It’s not going to be easy getting to the life of our dreams. But as long as we keep in mind that the rewards at the end always out-weigh the challenges in the beginning, we should keep our strive alive. Here are some steps I make myself practice and that could help you get closer to the life you want. Continue reading

Wanting To Become Successful Is Not Enough

18 March, 2016 | Self Development

The desire to succeed exists in everyone with a dream or goal to accomplish. However, like many factors that lead to success, desire alone won’t lead to victory. To achieve your grand goals, you must not only work on them, but you must live a life all about them. Continue reading

3 Ways To Stop Yourself From Quitting On Your Dreams

6 March, 2016 | Self Development

3 Ways To Stop Yourself From Quitting On Your Dreams

You and I both know just how difficult it is to pursue our dreams. Plus it often seems like it’s a never ending struggle. One day you wake up feeling very motivated and pumped to make progress. Another day, you wish you didn’t have to get out of bed at all. Eventually, many of us quit. This is unacceptable. It’s time to put more effort into adopting strategies that prevent us from quitting on what matters most. Continue reading

Success Trade Offs – Getting Rid Of What Holds You Back, To Gain What Takes You Forward

1 November, 2015 | Self Development

What if I told that the price you would have to pay to succeed, is actually a reasonable one. Sounds too good to be true? It really isn’t. In fact the problem isn’t the price. The problem is really whether you are ready and willing to pay it. Continue reading

Why Is Making Progress Such A Difficult Process

13 October, 2015 | Self Development

Trying to succeed is hard. For some, it may even seem unbearable. Sometimes, it just feels like for every little effort you put in trying to take your life or career to the next level, there are mountains of obstacles determined to stop you from making progress. So why is it such a challenge trying to get ahead in your pursuit? Continue reading

How You Begin It, Will Determine If You Accomplish It

18 September, 2015 | Self Development

When it comes to pursing grand goals, what we are pursing doesn’t determine whether or not we will succeed. It’s how we pursue it that matters most. It is the principles and not tactics that lead to succeed. Continue reading

Define and Refine – The Way Of The Success Driven

4 September, 2015 | Self Development

Change or transformation plays a huge role in leading success-focused people towards achieving their goals. And once change sets in, it becomes a part of your goal-oriented life. When faced with an opportunity to grow, you will likely go for it even if it requires you to change a habit, practice or mindset. As long as the changes you make are aligned with your ultimate goal, you are definitely on a solid path towards success. Continue reading

Rest and Relaxation: 3 Reasons Why Should Not Work All The Time

21 August, 2015 | Self Development

In the pursuit of our dreams, we can very easily get caught up in all the work we have to do to realize them. And although this is important, its only half the strategy we need to apply. The other half is rejuvenation, rest and unwinding. Being tired isn’t a mistake. Therefore, taking some time off is critical for any person determined to become a succes Continue reading

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