Update Summary

The last day of the most significant month in BBG’s development history. I’m done creating all the primary assets (environment, enemies, misc objects that player can interact with and a whole lot more).

The core mechanics are complete. At this point most of what I’m working on is menu Uis, balancing the entire player experience and making sure that game-crashing bugs don’t exist.

Levels have been redesigned. Up until now, levels have been solely for testing.

The biggest news in this update is that all the bosses are complete.


Update Breakdown

  • ADDED – Bosses (Shredder Mech – In Gif above, Final Boss – Won’t talk about that now)
  • ADDED – Difficulty System
  • ADDED – Environment (Brick Type – Castle, Grass/Bush type – Different varieties)
  • ADDED – Menu Uis (Player Death Screen, Stage Complete Screen, Title Screen)
  • ADDED – Stage Progression system
  • UPDATED – More swift Player inventory system
  • UPDATED – In-Game Pause System
  • UPDATED – Collision Systems
  • ADDED – Final Level Designs

Pointers / Tips

I learned it the hard way, but make sure that you use instances sparingly. What can be a tile, make a tile. If you use single color objects, don’t create many instances where you could just stretch them to fit.

Secondly, becareful how you set up collisions. You save on resources if you have Player checking for Enemy Bullets collisions than Enemy Bullets checking for Player collisions. I hope that makes sense.

You can get great tips on optimizing your game from this site if you use Game Maker or Game Maker Studio : 25 optimizing techniques for Game Maker 

In my next update

My next update will just HAVE to be the announcement of the release date. That is it. I have given myself a pretty tight deadline and have already started working on a marketing strategy. It’s time….