Update Summary

Agent Gumu now has 6 different weapon types in his arsenal. I also created a small lighting system that I may use in the near future for things like the overall vfx that would make the game “pop” and for stuff like alarms.

I added a mini-map that, quite frankly, doesn’t seem to be working as well as I had hoped. I’m pretty sure I will be looking out for an alternative solution to this one that’s currently in place. But it won’t be the focus on any upcoming update.

Update Breakdown

  • ADDED – Six weapons (hand gun, uzi, assault rifle, shotgun, laser gun and heavy machine gun)
  • ADDED – Minimap
  • ADDED – Lighting System (which is not being used heavily)
  • TWEAKED – Smooth camera movement when turning and moving (often called camera lerp… yes, big deal to me :P)

Pointers / Tips

In this particular project I learned something the hard way. Planning how you will use your sprite in the game is extremely important (especially for your player sprite).

If you are going to have a whole list of player states and animations such as WALKING, SHOOTING, SHOOTING_WHILE_WALKING, trust-you-me it is worth it to figure out beforehand whether you are going to create every single sprite (full body player) for every single state OR if you are going to split the legs from the upper body then animating each separately. The latter is hands down the easiest to manage.

In my next update

I have been playing with the thought of redeveloping my player. Why? Because the way I implemented his basic animations was anything but efficient. I feel like a have a huge workflow every time I intend to add a weapon for example. I foresee frustration if I don’t look into this now.

My next update will focus on redeveloping my character and hopefully I’ll be able to create efficient reusable code. I also began doing some level design. I think it would be important to include that in the next update to turn up the momentum on this project.