Update Summary

The player can move, shoot, evade, jump and throw grenades. The basic player states have been implemented. Player’s default weapon’s projectile (bullets) works well with recoil and bullet shell animation not to shabby for now. (You can take a look at some of the animated gifs on my tumblr profile).

I also updated the collision system to make colliding with solid objects a bit more precise. I found code online that allowed me to make player landing on solid ground less inconsistent. I mean, sometimes I would notice a gap between player and the ground when landing from a jump. Plus a whole lot of messy collisions in general. It looks a bit smoother now.

Update Breakdown

  • ADDED – Player States (Run, Shoot, Evade, Jump, Fall, Crouch, Aim Up and Aim Down)
  • UPDATED – Collision detection (more precise)
  • ADDED – Assault Rifle projectiles, recoil animation, muzzle flash and bullet shell animations

Pointers / Tips

Here’s a link to the collision system that I used for platformers. I got it on gmc. If you use Game Maker to make games, you can use this code. https://gist.github.com/kidando/9548048

In my next update

I plan to get into a bit of level design. Nothing too deep though. In fact I’m doing this in the test level. This will help me get started on the atmosphere and environment. My aim is to begin identifying components the character may interact with… ladders, interfaces, destructible environment… etc.