Update Summary

Guess who’s back? Nuggets and Dungeons is a mobile spin of the Nuggets Will Figure It Out game. Though the key objectives remain the same. The game mechanic has definitely changed. After all, when it comes to mobile, you have to take a different approach because of the limited amount of player interaction you can have.

I had worked on it the past week and I’m glad to confirm that it has progressed pretty well. I’m using the Unity engine to put this together. Primarily because it offers free export to mobile :). And so far I’m impressed with unity’s approach to game dev. Maybe it’s me being a lot more organized than before, but I’m truly liking how unity’s editor can be linked to the code you right. Testing is a lot better too.

MonoDevelop has been such a pain, so I’m using Sublime Text with the unity plugin packages. Saves on RAM. Anyway!!!



Update Breakdown

  • ADDED – Player sprite, animations, collisions, player controller script and all the transitions in between.
  • ADDED – Mobile input detection.
  • ADDED – Level building blocks (most from the previous game of course. Shortens development time)


For mobile input, using the Input.Touch functions is a little tricky to get used to when starting off. I instead decided to use Unity’s New UI Tools to handle this. Over the area in which player’s to interact, I created a UI.Image game object that’s invisible and has event component.

Let’s say you have a 32 x 32 brick sprite that functions as a level sprite. You will probably drag it into your scene and apply a 2D box collider to it. The you will probably duplicate it a compile of times and put the copies side-by-side to each other to create a platform. You will then put that all in a game object and drag into a prefabs folder to create a prefab out of the 3 or 5 sprites you used.

So here’s the thing. I’m not too sure how similar unity is to game maker, but game maker hates dealing with many collisions. So, I would suggest, aligning the sprites first before doing anything else when you drag them into your scene. Then apply the 2D box collider to only one of sprites. Stretch it to fit all the sprites that represent the platform.

In my next update

I have actually done a lot so far :). But I will be sharing updates over time with the aim of sharing as much process as possible. Look for my game on Tig Source to see a lot of the other gifs (I’m still trying to navigate that forum site and I will provide a link when I can.)