Update Summary

A lot of the focus has been on creating more content. Specifically more rooms. I’m designing my second set of levels (levels for Room 2) and I have already put together 4 levels. So far focus has been mostly on variety. Gameplay has slightly changed. I tested them out and they are playable but not so easy to beat *gives self a high five*. Other than that, development is moving a long at a slow but steady pace.

Update Breakdown

ADDED – Room levels 2-1, 2-2, 2-3 and 2-4

Pointers / Tips

  • If you want to create variety during level design consider reusing sprites but in different hues and probably even saturation. It’s what I did with the walls. In Room 1 the walls are blue. In Room 2 I reused the same walls are but changed the hue to a red.
  • Test! Test! Test! Just because the concept works on paper doesn’t mean it will work flawlessly on the game. Furthermore, the more you test, the more you experience the game from the gamer’s perspective. This is a great opportunity to fine tune the level, playability and difficulty.

In my next update

I have been extremely slow in covering ground on this awesome project. I hope to have finalized all the main 9 levels of Room 2 so that I can begin working its boss level. This should be interesting.