Optimism Vs. Pessimism – How Your Beliefs Guide Your Journey Through Life

9 September, 2017 | Self Development

I sometimes wonder if what I’m about to post is a little too “philosophical” to talk about on this blog about self-development. Because many other articles on personal growth and success often get right to the point, stating that “If you want to achieve THIS , you need to do THAT several times a day and in 30 days, you will get exactly what you want.” Continue reading

Success In Relation To The Past, Present And Future

5 September, 2017 | Self Development

At one point in our history, there was a person that decided to document all that he/she knew about his life. That included his/her skill in some field. Or his/her experience pursuing something. Continue reading

Are You Teachable? Becoming A Student Of Success

22 August, 2017 | Self Development

There is a difference between a bestselling author and one who has just picked up a pen to begin the journey in writing. The way they think and act can hardly be compared. These two are not at the same level. Ask each one the same question about any topic on writing and you will almost always get two very different answers. Continue reading

Succeed Or Fail… Which Is The Better Choice For You?

3 August, 2017 | Self Development

Most of the time, failure is realized in the mind before it realized in reality. What I mean is that one must acknowledge failure before failure can exist to that person. If you do not accept failure, no matter what anyone suggests, then you are one step closer to understanding how succeeding fundamentally works. Continue reading

Walking Out Of The Comfort Zone

30 July, 2017 | Self Development

There are many ways to define the comfort zone. Probably the most popular definition of the it is a place where you feel safe and content with the way your life is. When talking about success, we are sometimes told by those who have succeeded that the comfort zone is where progress does not happen. Continue reading

The Growing Importance Of Having A Side Hustle

6 July, 2017 | Self Development

Things are changing fast. Many of us find ourselves struggling to achieve half the things our parents achieved at our age… or similar. The talk about financial prosperity has become that much more important to younger people. Continue reading

3 Suggestions For Forming A Daily-Progress Routine

17 June, 2017 | Self Development

All top performers in business and sport understand the role habit plays in ensuring their next big win. Having productive habits in your day-to-day life places you at a greater chance of succeeding more than anything else. Continue reading

The Resistance To Change Is Real

29 May, 2017 | Self Development

By far the greatest ongoing challenge you face as a person determined to accomplish anything grand or significant to you is change. Never forget this one important truth: The person you are going into a pursuit… is never the same person that comes out of it. Continue reading

4 Steps To Avoid Being Defeated By Your Goals

12 May, 2017 | Self Development

One day you wake up. Something in you says, “I can’t keep living like this! I need to start a venture of my own. I can’t stand to work another day at that office. I need to pursue my dream.” You get up with a new desire to change your life. You think about what you want to achieve or accomplish in the next few months or years. You decide on a specific goal. Then, your off! The first day of the rest of your life! Continue reading

The Courage To Leave Behind A Life Without Progress

2 May, 2017 | Self Development

Like many, when I started my journey, I decided that I would do all that I could to make my future better than my past or present. But that suggests that whatever situation you are currently in… isn’t one worth staying in for the rest of your life, right? Continue reading

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