5 Reasons Why You Need To Lead A More Positive Life

8 July, 2014 | Self Development

Your perspective on life may just be the single most important aspect of living that you need to focus on critically, if you want to achieve greatness. Why? Because behind every outcome there is an action. Behind every action is a decision. And behind every decision is a thought. In this post I want explore this a bit by offering you 5 reasons why you must lead a more positive life and how this can help you start succeeding.
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7 Gameplay Videos Of Nuggets Will Figure It Out

6 July, 2014 | Articles

Here are 7 great videos by different YouTube users from around the world playing Nuggets Will Figure It Out. The game is very old school in the sense that you basically have to figure out everything as you go. I mean it looks like a mario style platformer, so can I defeat my enemies by stomping them? Maybe. Willing to risk losing a life to find out? If you played the game, you’ll notice how some of the videos are quite entertaining. Continue reading

Learn To Focus On What You Have And Not What You Lack

2 July, 2014 | Self Development

Ever felt like you could have accomplished much in your hustle if only you had the necessary resources? Like we may not have been able to start that business we always wanted to because we lacked the capital. We may have wanted to develop that particular skill but we just didn’t have the time. If you are feeling “stuck”, focusing on these 3 areas could help improve your hustle. Continue reading

The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life

25 June, 2014 | News

After what seemed to be about an eternity of soul-searching, is now back online. Bigger, hopefully better but definitely a lot more focused. When I put up the site a couple of years ago, my primary agenda was to speak about digital art and graphics. Sadly that journey came to end before it really started. Continue reading

How to achieve your goals – The 5 Ps to success

24 June, 2014 | Self Development

If becoming a billionaire success story was easy, then everyone would be one. But obviously this isn’t the case in the world we live in today. In fact, you need to treat aiming for a huge goal like fighting a war. It really can get that serious. There will be sacrifices. There will be long days of uncertainty. There may even be days you go without food or water. In such harsh times, you will need the will to press on. For it is this that separates the victors from the losers. Continue reading

Being Intentional – The Key To A More Productive Day

24 June, 2014 | Self Development

A lot of us often struggle to find apps or tools to help us stay focused or increase productivity. You download them on to your computer or smart phone. If it’s a task management app, you create a to-do list with a list of things you plan to do over time. You are off to a good start. You use it for about a week or so… then it’s ignored for all eternity. What could be wrong, you ask. Productivity seems elude you. Continue reading

Why becoming more self-aware will help you start succeeding

23 June, 2014 | Self Development

Before you begin any journey that involves change, such as deciding that you want to become successful, you must first understand where you are at that moment. This includes knowing what fears, blockers and constraints are preventing you from taking the first steps. If you don’t take the time to do so, moving forward may start to seem impossible. Continue reading

Dev Log – Battle Buggy Grounds – 23/05/2014

23 May, 2014 | Battle Buggy Grounds

Talk about reaching an important milestone. After struggling with this for a while, I was finally able to come up with a player leveling up system that ain’t too shabby. I also introduced a new flying enemy type. Codename “birdie” is an annoying mini-F16 that is relentless. I also just started to work on crates and more ammo pick-up. Continue reading

Dev Log – Battle Buggy Grounds – 02/05/2014

2 May, 2014 | Battle Buggy Grounds

If you use Game Maker to make games as well, you know that I had the options to use Timelines or Alarms (or both) to create a spawning system. I just used Alarms. It wasn’t that complicated so I didn’t feel the need to really get into timelines. Continue reading

Dev Log – Battle Buggy Grounds – 01/05/2014

1 May, 2014 | Battle Buggy Grounds

8 different weapons types for the player. It was a fun process figuring out the kinda weapons I wanted the player to have. They not only had to be “awesome”, but they needed to behave that way as well. As opposed to creating an arsenal of increasingly more powerful weapons, I employed a strategic approach (player will have to know when to use the right weapon). Continue reading

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