Dev Log – Battle Buggy Grounds – 01/05/2014

1 May, 2014 | Battle Buggy Grounds

8 different weapons types for the player. It was a fun process figuring out the kinda weapons I wanted the player to have. They not only had to be “awesome”, but they needed to behave that way as well. As opposed to creating an arsenal of increasingly more powerful weapons, I employed a strategic approach (player will have to know when to use the right weapon). Continue reading

Dev Log – Battle Buggy Grounds – 25/04/2014

25 April, 2014 | Battle Buggy Grounds

Talk about momentum. I was able to do a whole lot more than just work on the HUD. I mean, the game now has an experience/leveling up system, health system, points system, cash system, enemy counter and a few other goodies. I won’t go into it deeply, but basically whatever is on the HUD, works in the game. Continue reading

Dev Log – Battle Buggy Grounds – 23/04/2014

23 April, 2014 | Battle Buggy Grounds

AI yes! I have finally been able to put some decent AI together for the game. It’s similar to the AI found in the original Battle City classic game. However this is just for the “minions”. I’m pretty sure that I will have to figure out different AI for bosses (yes spoiler, there will be bosses) and possibly other enemy types. Continue reading

Dev Log – Battle Buggy Grounds – 21/04/2014

21 April, 2014 | Battle Buggy Grounds

I put together player movement, shooting and collisions with the environment. The camera also follows player, because unlike the classic Battle City game I plan to have Steel Tank X have a bigger playground for the chaos. Continue reading

Dev Log – Loliyolo – 04/03/2014

23 March, 2014 | Development Log

The player can move, shoot, evade, jump and throw grenades. The basic player states have been implemented. Player’s default weapon’s projectile (bullets) works well with recoil and bullet shell animation not to shabby for now. (You can take a look at some of the animated gifs on my tumblr profile). Continue reading

Dev Log – Corridor 51 – 05/03/2014

5 March, 2014 | Corridor 51

Agent Gumu now has 6 different weapon types in his arsenal. I also created a small lighting system that I may use in the near future for things like the overall vfx that would make the game “pop” and for stuff like alarms. Continue reading

Dev Log – Nuggets Will Figure It Out – 04/03/2014

4 March, 2014 | Development Log

A lot of the focus has been on creating more content. Specifically more rooms. I’m designing my second set of levels (levels for Room 2) and I have already put together 4 levels. So far focus has been mostly on variety. Gameplay has slightly changed. I tested them out and they are playable but not so easy to beat *gives self a high five*. Other than that, development is moving a long at a slow but steady pace. Continue reading

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