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Learn To Focus On What You Have And Not What You Lack

Ever felt like you could have accomplished much in your hustle if only you had the necessary resources? Like we may not have been able to start that business we always wanted to because we lacked the capital. We may have wanted to develop that particular skill but we just didn’t have the time. If you are feeling “stuck”, focusing on these 3 areas could help improve your hustle.


This lack of appreciation we have for the things we take for granted, has a way of influencing our lives. Especially negatively. And the kind of appreciation I’m specifically trying to draw out in this post, is the kind we need to have for ourselves.

Consider this.

You probably tell yourself that you cannot begin to develop a new skill because it’s just not meant for the kind of person you are. For instance you may be thinking that a law graduate such as yourself could not become an accomplished game designer. It just seems a bit far-fetched (I mean, you have a law degree).

That isn’t true. Pat yourself on the back, you have come a long way. Before you learned to get a job, you had to hustle. Before you learned to hustle you had to get through school. Before you got through school, you had to learn to read and write. Before you learned to read and write, you had to learn to speak. Before you learned to speak, you had to learn to walk.

And a whole lot more is still possible. You have absolute control of the results you want in your life. Appreciate the little but significant efforts you put in. It’s key to encouraging yourself to press on.


This is what turns the dreams and visions in your mind into reality. The awesome guys at Apple are known to be black-belts when it comes to innovating. Coming up with products that have literary transformed lives. No doubt that they are a group of talented and creative minds.

Creativity isn’t that complicated to try figure out though. I believe it comprises of having an imagination, curiosity and a desire to create to your heart’s content.

We all possess this. We all have thought of grand ideas that could change some aspect of our or other people’s lives. Using no more than our own minds, we built solutions to problems with our ideas.

This is how successful people think. That anything is possible and obstacles don’t truly exist without a way to work around them. That work around can be realized through creativity.

“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created” ~ Albert Einstein


What I mean when I say vision is simply having a clear picture of the future you are working towards. Without knowing what you want to achieve, how can you identify what you will need to help you get there?

Having a vision will help you break down your goal into actionable tasks you need to perform regularly. Vision is also proof that what you are out to achieve is important to you because you can clearly define it.

As an achiever you will most definitely run into obstacles and resistance. But there comes a time when you need to ask yourself honestly, what’s more important to focus on, the obstacle or the vision? Because you tend to move more towards what you focus on.

In conclusion

Not always will opportunity come strolling by. Sometimes you need to create your own luck by taking action and figuring out the best way to tackle obstacles. There are always going to be ways to help you get through the many challenges you will encounter. Appreciate your own strength, come up with creative solutions and always envision the future you are working towards to keep your mind and hustle in check.

If you have any thoughts on the topic or even other areas of focus worth exploring, please feel free to share in the discussion section below.

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  • Anonymous


    I agree with all that you have written. It makes sense. It is also realistic. Nothing is easy.

    Here I am sitting in my office with shit loads of assignments. Thinking of pouring water on the servers BUT one step at a time. I will get it all done and then spit on my manager’s table.

    Anyhow, it is so often that we do not know what we want out of this life.

    Another problem, a mighty big one, is we lack honesty. Our dreams basically revolve around two things, yes two things..

    One, what is that you want to do?

    Two, will what you do pay your bills?

    For example, you can have the best job that you always dreamt of, but will it pay your bills (insert family here). Will you be able to pay for fine hospitals? Schools? Etc etc..

    Therefore, whatever you decide to do, you should make sure it doesn’t affect your life negatively. You need to be honest. Don’t say your dream is to have a buggati and at the same time say your dream job is to be a school teacher.

    Apologies for a bad flow of my writing. My manager is sitting right in front of me. I should open that coffee shop..

    • kidando

      Worry not, I didn’t find a problem with the flow.

      Thank you so much for your feedback.

      You have perfectly pin-pointed the heart of the issue: knowing what you want to do with your life and if it will make you happy.

      There is an article I read on this topic here which I’m sure you will find interesting on The 3 Components Of Job Satisfaction:

      But if my describe briefly what those 3 components are:
      a) Passion – Which is obviously key to find happiness in what you are doing
      b) Competence – Are you good at doing what you do
      c) Market Demand – Do people want what you have to offer.

      In his reasoning, Michael says you need to find a fine balance between these three to get that sense of fulfillment both financially and in terms of long term happiness.

      And though I appreciate the lesson from his post, my post was specifically targeting the “stuck” syndrome. That failure-to-launch feeling. Where you may be thinking of the worst before giving your self the chance to even try.

      You owe your dreams that much. “Try it out and get real data from the ground first” was a phrase a boss of mine would say. And usually failure is not final unless you quit.

      I love coffee. Please, go ahead and open up that coffee shop :)