Hi, I'm Leon Oscar Kidando Lwoga

I am Partner and Head Of Development at Adroit Technologies Limited, a software development company in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. I'm also a video game developer. When I'm not working on providing software solutions or making games, I blog about Self-Development.

I'm also Co-founder and music producer at Throne Tower. Visit my SoundCloud profile to listen to some of my music.

The Self Development Blog

I'm convinced that the path to personal achievement lies in self-development or personal growth. On the Self-Development Blog, I discuss ways people can begin to align themselves to the goals they desire to accomplish. Using personal experience, other people's experiences and observation, I share my thoughts on the topic.

I also talk a bit of business. I believe that the path to personal achievement through self-development will inevitably lead most to consider getting into business for themselves.

Making Video Games

I have a deep love for video games and on this site, I share some of the games I made. I also have tutorials and books on making video games for those interested in getting started making their own games. Whether you are interested in trying it out because you have always loved playing games or because you are aware of just how large and the industry is getting, it's a useful skill to have.

How to contact me

If you want to reach me, just write to me at leon@kidando.net. Or follow me on social media. I'm mostly active on the following networks.