What is Battle Buggy Grounds?

Battle Buggy Grounds is a Top Down tank shooter game that lets you take control of a next-gen battle tank a.k.a. the Battle Buggy. You are equipped with weapons such as flame-throwers, spread shots and even a sledge hammer launcher guaranteed to send your foes back to the junkyard.

The main objective is to survive waves of merciless enemies as you progress through the increasingly challenging levels. Time is never on your side and the longer you take to try bring down the enemy, the worse your chances of survival get.

Your reflexes and ability to strategize under enemy fire will be tested. Can you handle the Buggy?

Available For PC


What To Look Forward To

  • A fast paced retro-style gameplay experience.
  • A Unique and diverse weapon arsenal for maximum damage.
  • Item power-up system encouraging the use of strategy to attain ultimate victory.
  • Hazardous environments and battle grounds that increase the challenge.
  • Larger than life boss battles that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Crush the enemey and gain experience to level up your Battle Buggy.
  • Upgrade your Buggy at the end of every level to increase your chances of winning the next.
  • Survive and inflict pain on your enemies while listening to some motivational soundtrack music by Leon "Lu" Kidando

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More Information

Leon Oscar Kidando

I'm an independent game developer currently based in Tanzania. I develop PC, web browser and mobile games. Most of the games I make are inspired by classic 2D video game titles. Both in art style and in challenge. I aim to create games that provide a challenging yet enjoyable experience that made of a lot of the classic titles memorable.

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