Perfection is impossible to attain and can often become a distraction. Focusing on doing things perfectly the first time or all the time, can prevent us from making steady progress towards what matters most. We need to realize that the goal when it comes to self-development, is to be better than we were yesterday. A little change at a time in the positive direction is what we should aim for. Continue reading

We already know that pursuing goals is easy. Many know that from experience. We spend months and even years trying to build better lives for ourselves going through obstacle after obstacle. And depending on the nature of the obstacles, we might come across a challenge so great, that we feel like we have no other choice… but to quit. Continue reading

In this podcast episode, I take a few listener questions from 5 people. Questions on self development and the self-development podcast. A massive thank you for those that submitted questions. Continue reading

In this episode I talk about how we overlook a fundamental truth of how progress and ultimately success is attained. Figuring out whether we moving towards our goals or not can be as simple as measuring the actions we take on a daily basis. We cannot measure thoughts or words in the same way. We must never forget just how important it is that we spend more of our time making progress and less of it making excuses. Continue reading

A lot of us are find it difficult to lead more successful lives because of what we think success is and what we think we need to attain it. Could it not be that some of these ideas are just wrong and need to be redefined so that we put ourselves in a much better position to attain the lives we want? Continue reading

Having more goal-focused conversations with those around us is very powerful. First, because it is one way that we condition ourselves to acknowledge the importance of our goals. Because we are not just hiding them away in our minds. Second, we never if the people listening could help us with our efforts. Continue reading

In this episode, I give you a list of 10 books that I think you will find valuable. Especially if you are determined to accomplish life changing goals. I have been reading for a few years now and it has had a positive impact on my life. I feel more aware of what is going on around me. Allowing me to better handle the challenges I face on a daily basis… plus, I have been able to recognize and seize opportunities that I previously didn’t think existed. There’s no harm in giving reading a try. I encourage you to do it. Continue reading

I have learned a lot valuable life lessons over the years. Many of which I got from books and hands-on experience. In this episode, I want to share with you some of the truths I have learned that you may find valuable. Truths about how we grow in life and specifically how we can grow as pursuers of success. Continue reading

If we desire to bring change to our lives, we have to realize that we are saying two things. The first is the most obvious. That we have a goal that we would like to realize. The second is not so obvious, that we are saying something about our current situation. Continue reading

As people pursuing our goals, it is important that we expose ourselves to new experiences. Our success lies beyond what we know now. If it didn’t, we would already be a success. In this episode I talk about how we prevent ourselves from making progress, by choosing the path of least resistance when pursuing our goals. Continue reading

Many who pursue success wonder whether or not there is a formula for success. Is there a definite set of steps, that if followed, could lead us to definite success? Or is it wrong to believe that such a thing exists? I believe it does exist. And in this episode I talk about why I think so. Continue reading

In this podcast, I talk about ambition. Specifically, how ambition plays a key role in helping you move closer towards your goals. If you haven’t already, you should download the Afripods app for android or ios. Continue reading

There are only two ways to arrive at success. The first is is by making intentional choices aligned with that success. The second, is by accident. Going with the first is a much better long term and sustainable option. Continue reading

I have always wanted to do a podcast, but as most people who have podcasts would tell you… it is not very easy to get started. Fortunately for me (and many others), there’s a tool called Anchor.fm which allows smart phone users to record, publish and distribute podcasts. Continue reading