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Battle Buggy Glitch


A training simulation program used to train drivers of armored fighting vehicles, has malfunctioned. This malfunction was caused by a hack that embedded a virus deep in the system. This virus is slowly corrupting the system and intends to use your military base’s technology against itself. As one of the best drivers of the special vehicle, the Battle Buggy, your mission is to enter the simulation, find and eliminate the threat. Destroy the Glitch.

Now that we got that story out of the way…

Battle Buggy Glitch is by far my most ambitious video game project yet. What was initially supposed to be a simple project to help me test out different ideas in GameMaker (the engine used to develop the game), has turned out to be a full blown game with a bit of depth.

You can try out the demos by following the download links below.

Be sure to check out the dev logs on this project as well.

Development Logs

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