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Battle Buggy Grounds


Battle Buggy Grounds was inspired by the classic NES game Battle City. You take charge of a Battle Buggy, which is an armored assault vehicle, and blast your way through the various battle grounds.

You can pick up different ammo types and cogs (in-game currency) when you destroy enemy vehicles. You can also gain experience points allowing you to upgrade your buggy the more you play.

There are boss battles after completing a set number of levels. The difficulty of the game gets harder the more you play.

This was my first commercial game. In hindsight, I probably should have spent a lot more time developing this game. While I did manage to finish it, my video game programming knowledge was still very basic and the game wasn’t able to hold all the ideas I had at the time very well.

Nevertheless, I learned a lot developing this game. There may be a possible remake coming down the line. We’ll see :)

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