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Switching Lanes – Why I’m Moving The Podcast From Anchor To Afripods

Not too long ago, I began posting podcasts from the platform. So far I managed to publish 6 episodes. But last week I got offered the opportunity to create podcast on Afripods. I didn’t hesitate. I said yes.

But before I get into the detail on that, here’s the link to the episode on Afripods – The Best Path To Personal Achievement.

Or listen to it here:


Why the move?

It was honestly an easy decision to make. Having no podcasting experience and not a very big audience… it was smart to get in early on a platform that looks, to me, like it will eventually become huge.

I mean podcasting platforms are plenty. To succeed on a platform, you are going to have to make sure you are on the right one or else you risk being buried among the thousands of existing ones.

Afripods, isn’t that large yet. So all new podcasts I release will always make it to their content home page. Which is good, right?

What about

Anchor is a great platform. I really don’t think I will have the time to publish on both. On Anchor, I was freestyling. But that is not the case on Afripods. While I was using Anchor to get comfortable with podcasting… on Afripods IT’G GO TIME. So I’m actually doing a full blown production on it.

Full blown production?

I’m still using my phone to record audio, but I’m processing that audio. I’m cleaning it up and making sure that it comes out sounding as professional as I can make it. Having a background in music production, that’s something I can do quite easily.

I also added in music.

Lastly, I have a script that I use to make sure that what I deliver remains in context and that I don’t waste a lot of time by “beating around the bush”.

I’m taking this as an opportunity to put my best work forward. It will be a while till I create a really proper podcast, but I am aiming to do that. There’s good chance that it could actually succeed if keep working on it.

Anyway, that’s the quick update. I don’t post news much, but I want to start. I think it could be valuable for you. Like in this case, if you have ever considered starting a podcast, Afripods may be the platform for you. Unlike Anchor, you can’t just create a account and begin. You go through an approval process.

When a site like this is small, those that get in early don’t get as much hassle as those who join 3, 5 years down the line.

Have a fantastic day.


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