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When you decide to pursue your goals, you set your own targets. If it is a business you want to establish, you determine just how big you want it to get. Obviously the more ambitious your goal, the more effort you are going to have to put in to accomplish it. Continue reading

If you have been pursuing a goal for a while, you will no doubt understand that there is more to succeeding than just pursuing a calling, passion or opportunity. Striving usually also involves struggling to survive. Especially if you decide to pursue anything full time. Continue reading

When I think about the days I first began reading books on personal development and the industries I’m interested in succeeding in… I often think about the person I was. Because it helps me measure change or the progress I have made. Specifically HOW I made it. Nothing ever truly happens without cause or reason. Continue reading

It’s been 4 months since you last set your New Year’s Resolution or set your goals. So far, you are nowhere near where you thought you would be. Or maybe it’s worse than that. Maybe what you set out to achieve by now… just didn’t work out. You failed. Continue reading

I always try to emphasize just how much the mind changes the longer you pursue your goals. But that is made possible if you ACTIVELY pursue those goals. Merely saying that you’re a pursuing a calling aren’t actually putting in the effort on a daily basis will NOT cause that change. Continue reading

One of the greatest challenges we face as people trying to succeed in life is finding work that will lead to that success. By the time we are adults we pretty much come to understand that the lives we want to have are going to depend on the type of work/passion/calling we end up pursuing. Continue reading

One or a few people in our lives are most likely pursuing their dreams/goals. And although we are used to this idea of people pursuing lives they want most, I know from personal experience that we may not necessarily understand what that really means. Continue reading

Time is the resource capable of turning any idea into something tangible. How you use your time is way more important in helping your realize your goals than anything else. The simplest way to know if someone is on their way to the life they truly desire, is to ask them how they spend their time. Continue reading

When it comes to failing or failure, our minds tend to do two things. The first, is that it creates a negative association to failure. We see failing as something bad or unwanted. Second, failing makes many of us believe that it’s time to quit. The more we fail at something, the more we are convinced that we were never meant to be doing it. Continue reading

By deciding to pursue any large and significant goal, you are most likely aware of two important truths. The first is that you are going to face a lot of challenges as you work towards attaining your goal. The second is that you are going to have to make sacrifices to overcome some of those challenges. Continue reading

I have always believed that in order to acquire success, you have to change from who you are now to the type of person that succeeds. If you aren’t a successful business person now, then you need to adopt the mindset and habits of the type of business person that succeeds. Continue reading

It’s harder to cut down a tree with a blunt axe. So those who are most experienced at doing that sort of work, spend some time sharpening their axes before they begin. The inexperienced may not know how important this is and risk making their work cutting down a tree… that much harder. Continue reading

After a plane takes off, the first thing the pilots do is ensure that the plane’s heading is aligned to its destination. One obvious reason is that having a straight-line path to the destination from the start, is fuel efficient. Another obvious but less thought of reason is that by not setting your plane on course early, you simply increase the chances of never getting to your destination. Continue reading

Would I be wrong to assume that the number of people who set New Year’s resolutions in January, is much higher than the number of people who review them in December? And by review, I don’t mean just asking yourself whether or not you achieved your goals. You also need to ask yourself why you got the results you got. Continue reading

Momentum is one of the least talked about topics when it comes to making progress towards your goals… yet it plays a major role. Momentum can be compared to driving a car on the 4th gear at a high speed. You will get further faster than someone who is just starting off on the 1st gear at speed zero. Continue reading