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The Only Moment In Time You Can Control Is Now

I have always wanted to do a podcast, but as most people who have podcasts would tell you… it is not very easy to get started. Fortunately for me (and many others), there’s a tool called which allows smart phone users to record, publish and distribute podcasts.

I think its a fun little app that can have a great impact on how we deliver our messages to our audiences.

Now, I have already published 3 episodes, but in the blog post, I will place a link to all three.

Hope you have a blast listening to them, and please feel free to let me know what you think about them. I welcome your suggestions on thoughts.

Lastly, if you find the content helpful, I highly recommend that you get the anchor app and subscribe to The Podcast. It is a great way to be notified once an episode has been published. Anchor is a great tool and also allows for voice commenting and even collaboration. So who knows… maybe in the near future we might be able to record an episode together. :)

Episode 3: The Only Moment In Time You Can Control Is Now

Episode 2: The Part Technology Plays In Helping You Make Progress Towards Your Goals

Episode 1: What Self-Development Is And Why It Is Important

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