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5 Important Habits To Develop As You Get Deeper Into Your Pursuit

As a dreamer, you must be ready to go through change if you are to succeed in pursuing your dreams/goals. You cannot be a beginner forever.

I want to assume that you are way passed the beginning stages of your pursuit. That you have already decided what it is you want to accomplish. And you have taken considerable action so far.

There are things you are slowly starting to discover throughout this journey. I want to highlight some of them and more clearly describe their importance.

Here are 5 important habits to develop as you get deeper into your pursuit.


Never start the day without a plan

Being wasteful with time is something successful people do not do. They consider time to be their most valuable resource. How they spend their time directly impacts the success they acquire.

To accomplish a goal, you need to break it down into milestones. Those milestones can be broken down into individual tasks. Those tasks can be carried out on a daily basis. This is a plan.

Without a plan, what are your chances of realizing that very goal? How will you know what to do next?

A clear road-map must be made between where you are right now and where you need to be. Then action must be carried out according to how that road-map has been laid out.


Always consider your priorities when making decisions

Successful people live by design and not by default. They are pro-active in life and not reactive to life.

Many of them create their lives around their desired goals. If you intend to become a successful telecommunications company, your life and habits should revolve around that goal. What you watch, subscribe to and who you associate with should very closely relate to that goal.

And every decision you make should relate to that goal. If you find it impossible to make the decision between going to a party on a Friday night and working on building your dreams… then your dream is definitely not on the top of your list of priorities.

Try to understand that many of the successful people you have now come to admire and respect… had strong resolve and determination to make sure that their goals were realized in their lifetime.

This meant that they continuously turned down events and opportunities unrelated to what they were trying to establish for themselves.

To the average person, this sounds like unhappiness. To the successful people, what could be better than being engaged in the ONLY activities that bring you closer to the life you want?

If you take the process of pursuing success likely, do not be surprised when you get mediocre results.


Keep learning

At this point, you have probably realized just how important knowledge and experience is. In fact, you know that they are significantly more important than intelligence.

Developing the habit of learning new skills constantly, greatly increases your chances of succeeding in any industry.

We leave college not knowing more than how to pass exams. But after we decide to launch our businesses, we realize that we need to also learn business finance, marketing, sales, people skills and so much more.

You will only make yourself stronger and make your ventures succeed more by opening yourself up to learning the many skills you will require to succeed.

And as long as you have the entreprnurial mind in today’s world, it should immidieatly “click” in your mind that acquring knowledge online is the best way you can get ahead quickly.

Youtube isn’t just a home for funny videos and news updates. It’s a learning center to help anyone at any level in any industry… get from where they are… to where they need to be.


Level up your network

If you feel like you aren’t making any forward progress, take a look around you. Do you have people that want you to pursue your goals? Do you have people around you that encourage you to prioritize your goals over theirs? Do you have people around you that you can even have a daily discussion about making progress with?

Or are you still hanging around people who find it entertaining to talk about the past and events?

Do you still hang around people who want to discuss last night’s episode of a TV drama?

Why not look for the company of people that can teach you what a good vs bad investment is based on their experience?

Why not seek the company of those that have opened up successful businesses that you hope to one day own yourself?

Why do you not actively seek the company of those that have the power to rise you to heights of success by just influencing you to think like the successful?

If you want to soar like an eagle… then why do you tolerate the company of chickens?

You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time and mental focus with.


Execute, execute, execute

Ideas don’t build dreams… actions do. Ideas are cheap, work ethic is priceless. I don’t like idea people around me. I instead enjoy the company of experienced practitioners. They don’t build success through theory. They build success through practical application.

You should spend less time generating ideas and spend more time executing on the them.

Ideas have little weight as far as success is concerned. How you execute on those ideas is what will set you up for success.



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