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5 Things That Motivate People To Pursue Personal Goals With Everything They Got

1. Your rewards are determined by your efforts

When you decide to pursue your goals, you set your own targets. If it is a business you want to establish, you determine just how big you want it to get. Obviously the more ambitious your goal, the more effort you are going to have to put in to accomplish it.

But if you manage to succeed, then you can imagine the kind of world you can create for yourself. This vision is enough to make people like me dedicate the rest of their lives to figuring out how such success is built.

It’s never easy going after ambitious goals… but I’m not at that stage where I’m crippled by self-doubt. Getting rid of the mindset and influences that believe in limitations are the among first things you learn to overcome.

For me, now is the time to put in the effort required to build a more successful life. Another important thing you learn when pursuing goals is that it is not genius, talent or intelligence that are responsible for success. It is work. Without a background or portfolio or evidence of work… it is highly unlikely that you will stumble onto success.

You want a successful business… run a business. For more than a day. For 10 years and dont worry bout how long it takes. Let others cripple themselves by being worried about how long things should take. Just focus on working everyday on it. Get better at it. Remember that practice makes permanent. The harder you work on it, the higher the chances that you will earn greater success from it.

Learning to equate effort/work to results, is something pursuers figure out early as well.

2. Freedom and control

I feel fortunate to have developed a need to control my life early. I owe that to some of the challenging experiences I had to go through. There was a time in my employment life I clearly felt as though others had control over who I was and what I was worth.

That feeling was horrible. Especially when I began to desire more. I mean, social media would bombard me with stories of people that were “living the dream” in different parts of the world. I wanted to live the dream too. But the situation I was in made it felt like I didnt have enough control or freedom to work towards that. I felt as though I was the least important person. Like it didnt matter what I wanted. As though I didnt know what was good for me or my career.

I hated it.

To feel as though others or environment is in control of one’s life is enough to motivate many men and women to pursue their own goals.

And to be honest, it’s not really about whether or not you will succeed on your own. It’s about knowing that you have choices and that you are free to pursue whatever you think is worth pursuing.

This freedom and control can give you peace of mind that cannot be compared to anything else you might experience in life.

The freedom to make one’s own failures and successes is a something many are willing to go through the struggles of pursuing goals for.

3. Unique opportunities

Pursuing your goals wholeheartedly will eventually expose you to opportunities you would have otherwise missed. But such opportunities dont come immidiately to the pursuer. The more time you spend pursuing your goals, the more such opportunities appear.


Because the more you work, the more you build a portfolio. The more you know about what you do.

In-turn, this can create opportunities where you are percieved to be an expert in your field based on your experience and track record. Not necessarily an expert who ranks high in the field. But one who knows enough to coach people starting out. After all, you have spent years on your craft. You have valuable experience that so many could benefit from.

Do not be surprised when you are asked to speak, mentor, co-host… etc.

4. Financial security

More and more people are becoming conscious of the fact that personal finances matter a lot. They are figuring out that they must make plans to make money not just today, but tomorrow and 10 years from now.

The older you get, the more you realize just how important financial security is. Times are changing. The price of basic essentials keeps going up. Jobs are harder to come by and if you manage to secure one… they are more demanding offering less in compensation.

Unfortunately, not all of us will land high-paying jobs that will take care of us and our families till the day we die. So the majority of people have to create plans to secure their own futures by pursuing alternative options.

People have mixed feelings about this. Mostly because of their personal experiences in the job market. But when it comes to very long term financial security, most of us will agree that very few organazations these days care about our financial situation 10 years from now. They expect us to figure that out for ourselves. Which is a great opportunity for us to learn better ways to make “long term money”.

Pursuing your personal goals with everything you got will DEFINITELY make you aware of how important this is and will surely urge you to align every goal you set to to a financially prosperous future.

It’s not easy, but when have we ever talked about things being easy on this blog. Effort is important. Putting effort in trying to figure out and understand how you can be financially secure will definitely reward you.

5. A chance to make an impact on a community

Pursuing your personal goals will re-configure your mindset. It’s a non-stop process. The more you pursue, the more you will change. One of the more important things it will do is develop confidence in you.

You will find yourself attempting to achieve things most people are scared of trynig.

As a result, you will gain confidence to even tackle community-based challenges. You might feel the need to improve the lives of the people around you starting with the ones closest to you. You might feel the need to develop the kind of confidence you have developed to help better their own lives.

You might even build schools, libraries, create programmes, start charities and a whole bunch of things just to improve some aspect of your community.

But those are big examples. You might just want to have talks with your kids about pursuing goals on a regular basis.

Many endure the harshness of pursuing a goal just so that they can create some small but impactful change in mindset and environment of the communities they live in.


I’m not too sure how to close this. But I will say that these are just a few of the examples that drive people to pursue their personal goals. I attempted to pick the reasons that I felt had the greatest impact on influencing people to persevere through struggle of pursuing one’s goal.

Feel free to let me know what motivations you think drive people to pursue their calling.


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