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An Effective Way To Change Your Life Is To Change Your Day

After a plane takes off, the first thing the pilots do is ensure that the plane’s heading is aligned to its destination. One obvious reason is that having a straight-line path to the destination from the start, is fuel efficient. Another obvious but less thought of reason is that by not setting your plane on course early, you simply increase the chances of never getting to your destination.

If you are going to pursue a significant goal, you must apply this same logic.

If you want to change how your life will be in the next 5 years, start changing your day today.

It’s harder to make that change when you are just a few months away from reaching the 5th year. Also, it’s simply not efficient. Making that change is a lot more expensive then.

If you have goals to be physically healthier or succeed in business, your best chance of succeeding will be in coming up with a long term strategy that you can implement on a daily basis.

You won’t get a healthier body by going to a gym one Saturday and spending the whole day working out. That is not only impractical, it’s also dangerous. Your body will not be able to handle it especially if it’s been years since you last did a serious work out. You are most likely going to hurt yourself.

But if you made small changes in your daily life such as walking or cycling to work, changed what meals you ate at lunch and reduced the amount of unhealthy drinks you consumed… then over time, with little to no pain, you would get the healthier body you wanted.

The key is to change how you live your day. And to maintain that change for as long as it is required to achieve your goal.

It may take a longer time accomplish, but it’s often less painful and much easier to do.

However, discipline is important for this to be effective.

And developing discipline in this case isn’t easy if you don’t appreciate long-term planning.

My blog is a product of several years of writing. My ability to create games and develop software is a product of several years of coding. When I first got started blogging, making games and making software, my abilities to do them weren’t received by people with as much seriousness and positivity as they are today.

I am confident that as long as I don’t stop working on improving these skills, then they are surely going to give me greater returns than they are currently giving me today or ever did in the past.

This is simply the law of cause and effect.

Practice makes permanent.

Take a look at your day today. How did it start and how will it end? What did you think about and what did you do?

Then analyze yesterday in the same way.

Then analyze the day before.

You will most likely be able to notice consistency.


If you understand what I’m saying, then you also understand that it is possible that your past 2 years, could have been a result of living and thinking is the same way on a daily basis.

If you understand what I’m saying, then you also understand that your next 2 years, can very easily be a result of how you lived your past 2 years if your living and thinking remains the same on a daily basis.

So does that mean you need to live a more random life that is less predictable?


You can still be predictable. Just use routine to your advantage. Form progress-focused habits.

First, determine what your long term goal is.

Second, determine what daily habits are associated or responsible for allowing people attain such goals.

Lastly, commit to performing those habits daily until you realize those goals.

Such habits should not just include what you should do. They should also include what you should NOT do and what you should and should not think about.

It’s really important to watch what you think about and who you allow to influence you.

Forming goal-focused habits is hard if your mind is paying attention to non-goal-focused situations, thoughts and people.

Again, this is going to take discipline. But I would like to assume that achieving your goals is at the top of your list of priorities. So I also assume that you are already disciplined.

If you are determined to realize your goals, you will automatically appreciate the importance of aligning your daily way of living… to those goals.


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