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Being Intentional – The Key To A More Productive Day

A lot of us often struggle to find apps or tools to help us stay focused or increase productivity. You download them on to your computer or smart phone. If it’s a task management app, you create a to-do list with a list of things you plan to do over time. You are off to a good start. You use it for about a week or so… then it’s ignored for all eternity. What could be wrong, you ask. Productivity seems elude you.

For me, this was a problem for a really long time. It was frustrating having to constantly search and try out different productivity tools that ended up not working for me in the long run. I craved to be productive. I wanted to accomplish the tasks that I knew would help me get that much closer to my goal.

Fortunately, after a lot of reading and research, I had found an answer. The tools were not the problem. The way my mind handled the concept of productivity, was.

I tried to adopt a productivity app, without first planning my ideal productive routine. It’s like making an order for cement, bricks and wood without having the blueprint for the house you intend to build. It just would not work.

You need to first identify your ideal productive routine. Start from the time you wake up. Will you plan to exercise? If yes, what will you do? For how long will you do it? You will then get into the shower, get dressed, eat breakfast. But how long would you like to take doing that?

A bit later you’re at your desk ready to begin your day. You know there are tasks you need to accomplish. Ask yourself why? Are they tied to the end goal in mind? If so, just how important are they? Very important you say? Great! Decide when you will plan to do them.

Your ideal productive day has you eating a lot more of healthier foods? What are they? Do you have access to them?

I could go on and on listing the questions I’d ask myself in relation to having my ideal productive day. However it all boils down to 4 questions I’d ask myself in the evening:

  • Have I done at least one task that’s brought me closer to my goal?
  • Do I feel happy? Is my mind stress free?
  • Do I feel healthier than I was yesterday?
  • Have I helped anyone today? Was I jerk to anyone?

Your questions could be different. Now, how is all this related to being intentional? Well, you have to INTEND to have a productive day. By intentionally doing all these things that you know would make you productive, you are training your mind and body to adopt a productive lifestyle. No app can do this for you.

I have introduced the topic. There’s obviously a lot more to talk about when it comes to being intentional. There are also tips on how to begin being productive which we will cover later on. I ask you to share with me your thoughts on the topic and what you think could lead to having a more productive day.

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