3 Suggestions For Forming A Daily-Progress Routine

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All top performers in business and sport understand the role habit plays in ensuring their next big win. Having productive habits in your day-to-day life places you at a greater chance of succeeding more than anything else.

Creating a daily routine is a great way to organize your productive habits effectively.

I know the struggle of trying to accomplish your personal or career goals. I know the struggle of trying to manage time. But despite all these challenges and more, so many have still managed to attain significant success in their lives… by following progress-focused routines.

Here are some ideas that I use in my routine that might work for you as well.

Plan for tomorrow today

The easiest way for me to start the day off on an unproductive note is to ask myself the question, “Alright. What are we going to get done today?”.

This process can take 30 minutes or 2 hours depending on whatever is going on with me that day. Losing 2 hours a day on trying to decide what I will do that same day is a waste of my morning energy. My productivity decreases over the course of the day, so it makes sense to spend my productive hours on the most important work.

Planning doesn’t lead to progress. Acting on those plans does.

So planning the evening or night before what I intend to work on the next day, is very effective in helping start the day on a strong and fast note.

Set 3 goals but make sure you at least accomplish the most important one

Daily goals should be small and attainable. They should also be few in number. I find it hard to work on a list that has 10 items that need checking off by the end of the day.

Instead, while planning for tomorrow today, take a look at prioritizing only 3 important tasks to accomplish. Then make sure when you get to work the following day that you work on your most important task first and finish that.

Anything could happen over the course of the day, but you will feel a lot better knowing that you accomplished the most important task.

It is key to note that momentum greatly contributes to your success. The habit of getting things done, even if it is just one very important task a day, will greatly motivate you to keep making progress.

Re-think the way you use social media

Instead of saying no to social media so that you can be productive, decide to make social media work for you.

There are people using it to make money, learn new skills, connect with prospects… etc.

The question is, how could you make it work for you?

If your employer realized that you were earning more than 30% in revenue from the time you spent on social media… he would never think of asking the people in I.T. to block social websites during office hours.

One man’s trash is another man’s gold mine.

Ever since I learned about this practice of using social media for more than just a hub to keep up with what interesting content friends were sharing… my love for these networks grew.

I often keep up with people in my industry. I have learned technical skills through this process. I have made business partnerships through this process. I have been paid through this process.

And yet, I feel like I’m only beginning to understand the potential of incorporating social media as part of my “digital effort” in getting me closer to my goals.

This includes what I share as well. Instead of prioritizing what I’m about when sharing content, I try instead to promote what I can do. What value (great or small) that I can bring to someone’s life.

I also try to not be on social media while I’m working on a task. Social media breaks often happen in between tasks. But always after the first task has been accomplished. I avoid it like the plague at the start of the day.

Now I’m not saying that is something that works for everyone or every situation, but I hope it at least gives you some insight into how your time online could help further your goals.


When thinking about creating a progress routine, try to keep in mind that you aren’t trying to fill your day with even more “stuff”. The idea of keeping up with doing more can be stressful on its own.

The aim of his progress routine is to promote daily progress without having to overwhelm yourself.

I suggest identifying one thing you can try to change about your daily routine and work on that until it becomes something you do almost do unconsciously.

And I suggest starting with adopting a habit that will REDUCE the number of tasks you allow yourself to do per day. Small lists motivate you to keep accomplishing them. Short but sweet personal victories are what you want to focus on.


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