4 Areas Of Your Life You Need To Invest In If You Want To Build A More Successful Life

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I want to quickly talk about areas of your life you need to work on if you are truly serious about creating a more successful life for yourself. Being aware of where you are in life is very important in helping you understand what you must do next to get to your next milestone.

With that said, let’s just jump right into it.

Personal finances

Without financial literacy, forget dreaming about becoming financially free. There is more to personal finances than just how much you earn, spend or save. Most people have no clue how investing works. What a bad or good investment really is. That the type of investments you make in life have to be aligned with your current season of life and not just your overall goals.

What about taxes? Have you got any idea how income tax is calculated depending on the kind of work you do, family status, or how you spend? Do you know about tax deductions, when, and how the government pays you back? Well, if you are serious about becoming financially free and not running into trouble with the tax authorities… you should.

More important than everything else, do you know how much you will make in the next 5 years based on what you do now? Do you know how much you will have when you retire? Do you know how much your retirement will be worth after considering inflation and growing expenses?

I guarantee that if more people actually paid attention to their financial lives (past, present, and future), they would understand why people do things such as start side-hustles or jump straight into self-employment.

No one owes you success or financial freedom. If you do not work on becoming financially literate, then do not expect these things to come easy or to come at all.

Sales and marketing

Whether you like it or not, in today’s world, you are some type of self-driven business. To get ahead in life you are going to need to get better at selling and marketing yourself. If you think you aren’t already selling and marketing… I have good news for you… you are!

Anyone who seeks an employment position with an employer is no different from a person seeking a sale from a prospect. They both have to convince the person on the other side of the table that they have what they need.

And because we live in the world of social media, marketing is something we are constantly doing online. By default, we are marketing our personalities. Who we are and what we represent. And if people like it, they follow us.

I don’t think I need to explain to you what having over 1million followers on social media could mean for you in today’s world.

Traditional ways of pursuing personal success are being “enhanced” by strategies that are more aligned with the direction the world is going. You do not want to ignore this. To double the worth of your resume no longer requires you to get more certifications. You can simply be a thought-leader on a topic online with a huge following and your next employer will hire you on the spot.


This is obvious. It’s important for you to understand that a healthy version of yourself is capable of achieving more than an unhealthy version of yourself. And I mean both physically and mentally.

Don’t just eat right and get plenty of exercises. Make sure that you unsubscribe to negativity and negative people. Break bad habits that clearly bring no value to your life. Replace them with positivity and people that will actually help you become a better version of yourself.


This is also obvious. Be informed. Stay on top of your field. Learn important skills to help you get to the next milestone. Learn about personal finances, investing, taxes, leadership, starting a business, marketing, selling, networking, identifying opportunities, identifying time-wasters…

Without most of these, how can you sincerely expect to attain a more successful and enriched life? These are just a few examples of the types of knowledge that are fundamental for building a more successful life.

If you don’t make self-education a habit, then you will be passing the opportunity to give yourself the tools necessary to take your life to the next level. Because seriously, what can you do when you do not know… or cannot do? Pick any industry and ask yourself that question.

Be intentional with your life choices. They are responsible for building you into the type of person that does or doesn’t succeed at attaining goals.


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