4 Ways To Keeping The Momentum Up

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Momentum is one of the least talked about topics when it comes to making progress towards your goals… yet it plays a major role. Momentum can be compared to driving a car on the 4th gear at a high speed. You will get further faster than someone who is just starting off on the 1st gear at speed zero.

If you understood that comparison, then you understand why creating momentum while working on your goals is very important.

People who visit the gym frequently will tell you that getting to the gym on the first day was the hardest. But their goal to stay fit is was much easier to attain by the frequent visits they made afterward.

They will also tell you that it is way easier to make a daily commitment than it is to make a weekly or monthly commitment to going to the gym.

If you take a look at what you are doing to try accomplishing your goals… when was the last time you worked on them?

If it was yesterday, then you are still in high gear. There is a great chance that you will work on them today as well.

However, if it has been a week, a month, or even a year… then don’t be surprised if it gets harder to find the motivation to get back to making progress.

So here are my 4 ways in which you can create and keep your momentum up when working on your goals.

1. Get organized

To get the most out of momentum, you need to be in a distraction-free zone. This is why people go to the gym. Working out at home might be cost-effective, but the constant distractions make it difficult to do a proper workout.

But at the gym, everyone knows exactly why they are there. It’s even a common practice to have members turn off their mobile phones while at the gym. They intentionally prevent themselves from being easily distracted.

You need to find uninterrupted time and space to work on your goals. You need to figure out in your daily 24 hours… which hours you can devote to working only on your most important activities.

These hours and that space are where you will be able to generate great momentum.

2. Get disciplined

It is one thing to plan to do work. It is something else to actually DO THE WORK. Discipline is vital in helping you become the person you desire to be.

Now that you have found a time and space to work on your goals, you must show up on time, on a daily basis… without fail!

If your distraction-free time is at 2 pm on a Saturday, do not accept ad hoc requests or invites from friends to attend some event. If your goals are on the top of your priority list… then act like they are. Think like they are.

It is the doing of the work that actually creates the momentum. So do more to get more.

3. Subscribe to progress-focused content

One of the things that greatly boosts my energy levels and keeps my momentum up is the online and offline content I constantly consume. I subscribe to almost anything that is progress-focused.

When I’m tired of working on something, but I’m still within hours dedicated to work on what’s important, I do not start watching funny or popular videos on YouTube. Instead, I watch videos related to success or follow up on updates from the people in the business I admire most.

Usually, that gets me pumped and I find myself getting back to work. I repeat this process until the time to work on my goals for the day… has expired.

4. Stay away from negativity

Unsubscribe from negative content and people.

I have made it a habit to not be disturbed or distracted when I’m working on my goals… to the point that those around me have stopped trying to interrupt me during those periods.

My commitment to my cause is more important than whatever they think I need to pay attention to at that moment.

Unless it’s an emergency… it’s not.

So your attention should not be taken away from your goals unless there’s a crisis. Do you agree?

You must understand and appreciate one thing: This is your life. These are your goals. They only matter to you. Even if others think that they are important to them as well… they are MOST important to you.

Treat them like they are YOUR number one. To everyone else, the number they have reserved for YOUR goals is usually some large number like 12,000. So do not allow the unimportant to rule over the important.

To conclude, I want to leave you with this one piece of advice: Focus less on accomplishing the end goal and focus more on accomplishing the daily goal. The big success is a distraction and can sometimes be a source of “demotivation”. Especially when you think about just how much further you have to go to accomplish that big success.

Instead, focus on making sure that you hit your daily goals. They are most important to you right now because they are the most accessible. They are the building blocks of your success.

Without daily progress, you cannot have weekly progress. Without weekly progress, you cannot have monthly progress. Without monthly progress, you cannot have yearly progress. Without yearly progress, you cannot make progress in life.

If you are intimidated by the thought of having to write a book… just remember that a book is nothing more than a collection of pages.

So the question to ask yourself then is whether or not you can spend a day writing on a page?


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