5 Things That Change When You Commit To Pursuing Your Goals Daily

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One or a few people in our lives are most likely pursuing their dreams/goals. And although we are used to this idea of people pursuing the lives they want most, I know from personal experience that we may not necessarily understand what that really means.

In this post, I want to discuss some of the changes that take place in the life of a person determined to pursue their calling. And this won’t just include those who pursue their goals as entrepreneurs. But also those who seek to become industry professionals while building a career working for others.

Both ways can lead to massive success and fulfillment.

So, without wasting any more time, here are 5 things that change when you fully commit to pursuing your goals daily.

1. You Become More Intentional With Your Time.

Every focused person pursuing important goals knows the importance of managing their time. A day that is spent NOT working on one’s goals, is a day that progress has not been made. And if you sum up all these days, you get weeks, months, or even years of the same reality you told yourself you didn’t want.

Once a person realizes that how they spend their time directly affects the goals they seek to attain… then they begin making more intentional decisions about what they do with their time.

They often refrain from making spontaneous or impulse decisions. And even more often than that, they make plans for how they will spend their days.

And what do they spend their time on? That’s easy. Getting closer to the lives they want.

2. You Get More Serious About Tracking Your Progress.

The more time you spend pursuing your goals/dreams, the more you will find it important to track whether or not you are getting closer to attaining them.

Pursuing anything for a long length of time can be draining. So the pursuer usually feels the need to make sure that the efforts he/she is putting in, are actually bringing them closer to what they truly want. They do this by tracking progress.

Eventually, almost all who commit to pursuing their goals find themselves appreciating making plans and strategies that they can later track and evaluate.

3. You Develop Relationships With People That Align With Your Views Of Personal Achievement And Avoid The Ones That Don’t

No one pursuing important and personal goals likes being held back. For this reason, those who commit to pursuing goals are often in constant search of “positive” company.

It is quite natural to see a person who now decides to pursue their goals… changing the people they associate with. Oftentimes, preferring to build relationships with people they could possibly become themselves in the future. Or with people that are just as eager to attain what they want to attain.

It is also quite natural to find those same people avoid those who they think aren’t helping them get closer to what they want to attain. Or those who aren’t as determined to pursue their goals as they are.

People often resonate well with people who see things the same way.

Like minds attract. And in adult life, you generally find in a group of people… minds of a similar nature.

4. You Make Learning An Important Habit

Again, as long as you are committed to making sure you attain your goals, something inside you will make you value learning. Because the truth is that you don’t know enough to be successful at your current level. If you did… well, you would be.

This reason alone is sufficient to drive a pursuer to keep seeking education. And this isn’t limited to just formal education as the kind taught in schools. But as a pursuer, you even learn from conversations and people you meet.

Sometimes you might be on the internet and you stumble across something that you didn’t know but is related to what you are trying to achieve. Your curiosity as a pursuer may urge you to learn more about it.

Whether it’s YouTube, Podcasts, Text Books, Blog Posts, or Seminars… in some way, determined pursuers know that they will need all the knowledge and skill they can possibly acquire… to increase their chances at attaining their goals.

It is unwise for anyone pursuing grand goals to believe that they do not need any more knowledge or skill to attain their goals.

5. You Unsubscribe To Limiting-Beliefs

People pursuing their goals eventually learn to unsubscribe to ideas that limit others from pursuing anything significant. Telling yourself that you cannot pursue something because you do not possess the skills required is nothing more than an excuse to the ears of one who is determined to achieve their goals.

Limiting beliefs are those ideas you tell yourself that discourage you from taking the necessary actions to pursue your goals. Ideas that are often flawed yet seem to make logical sense to the mind that positively employs them.

For example, telling yourself that you need to have a specific educational background to pursue certain goals is a popular limiting belief. Countless people have succeeded in industries and fields that they were once never a part of.

These ideas (limiting beliefs) feed the fears that prevent us from taking the actions that would disprove them. And it is for this reason that is hard to tell someone not to believe in a limiting belief… if they do not intentionally try to disprove them.

But any pursuer who has managed to spend a considerable amount of time growing in his/her pursuit eventually develops a resistance to ideas that do not bring value to their pursuits. Developing self-confidence is one effective way of making sure you eliminate self-doubt. Limiting beliefs feed self-doubt.

To attain one’s goals, one has to have the wisdom to understand that one has to believe in one’s self. To have more belief in winning than fear of losing.

In this way, success is more like living through a decision… than arriving at a destination. Decide to win and begin living as though there was no other option but to win. Nothing can stop a person with a deep determination to attain his/her goals.


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