Aligning Your Lifestyle To Your Goals Makes Attaining Them A Lot Less Difficult

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A goal is a destination. To get to it, you must be mindful of what you do and what you think about. Because each thought and action is like a step in some direction. Align those thoughts and actions to face the direction of your goal… and you will end up getting to it a lot faster, with a lot less frustration.

This is a hard concept for many people to understand and embrace. I had struggled with this for almost a decade after deciding that I eventually want to live my dream.

What makes it hard to understand is two things. One… is knowing where you really are in life. I’m talking about mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. And two… is knowing what you should do next based on your current position or situation.

Let me break down how this relates to pursuing goals or succeeding.

Suppose a person sets a goal. To get to the top of a hill. He/she is physically fit. The person starts at the base of the hill then runs in a certain way till he/she gets to the top. Success!

Now after closely observing that person. Suppose you wanted to do the same. So you study the technique and are ready to apply it. However, you are not at the base of the hill. You are in the middle of the ocean in a boat. And you are not physically fit. What will you say about the technique that person used when you find it impossible to succeed using it?

That’s a problem a lot of us refuse to confront whole-hardheartedly. Probably because we don’t know that’s a problem to confront.

We don’t stop to say that the way we live isn’t optimal for pursuing some of the goals we are after. The things we consume, the networks we have established, and the habits we practice every day are in conflict with what is required to make us create meaningful change in our lives.

We will let the week pass and not ask the question, “Did I do all the things I wanted to achieve this week? Did anything hold me back from getting to my next milestone?”.

Instead, we live life without tracking our every move and thought.

But you probably think that is waaaaay too much monitoring or self-evaluation. I mean, tracking every single move and thought… that’s crazy.

Says who?

And what achievements does that person have to discredit such a method that aims to MAKE LIFE A BIT BETTER?

I don’t think many of us appreciate just how different the successful people we admire are. That they don’t think like the average person. That they do not behave like the average person.

Many still believe that external factors are responsible for bringing and maintaining a person’s success. Money, connections, privileges… Yet, they are unable to produce conclusive facts that support such claims.

Money is an enabler. In the right hands, you can double it. In the wrong hands, you can lose it all.

Connections mean very little if you haven’t learned the art of taking advantage of them. I mean, who in their right mind will give you on the spot 1 million dollars for your business idea?

I will answer that for you… a person who is confident that you will repay him twice as much when you succeed. They can tell, see or feel something related to success radiating out of you. It’s not magic. It’s how you think and how you behave.

Many people who pursue success, know very very little about it. Especially about the details on how others acquired it. DETAILS.

You must be a deep researcher to understand the root cause of certain success stories. Then you must apply what seems practical for you based on your situation and needs.

But before that, you must know who you are and where you are in all aspects of your life. You must compare this to those who have succeeded. Your habits and mindsets must be aligned. Not your bank accounts. People with the same amount of money don’t necessarily behave or think the same.

Identifying the “winning” habits and mindsets causes your life to align with everything related to “winning”. Again, it’s not magic… it’s… LAW. It’s natural, for lack of a better word.

You will continue to attract those things that your mind and habits have come to accept as normal or familiar. Unless you change, why would the world around you change?


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