Define and Refine – The Way Of The Success Driven

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Change or transformation plays a huge role in leading success-focused people towards achieving their goals. And once change sets in, it becomes a part of your goal-oriented life. When faced with an opportunity to grow, you will likely go for it even if it requires you to change a habit, practice, or mindset. As long as the changes you make are aligned with your ultimate goal, you are definitely on a solid path towards success.

There are two types of change you need to experience if you are to realize grand goals.

The first takes place as a defining moment. This is when you make a tough and usually big decision that will affect the rest of your life. For instance, deciding to switch careers or deciding to live a much healthier life from this moment on.

This is a result of setting life goals or taking on grand challenges. I won’t discuss this part too much since I covered a great deal of it in this post – Transformation: The Indication That Success Is Beginning To Happen.

The other type of change, I can best describe as refining or refinement. Which takes place regularly over time, for as long as possible.

This isn’t as “huge” as the first kind of change but is just as important. Actually, depending on the situation, it may even be more important.

I’ll explain in a minute, but consider this fact: It’s one thing to decide to become a bestselling author. It’s something else writing bestselling content.

The first is a one-time decision you need to make. The second is a series of decisions you need to make over time… to make the first a reality.

You see, unless you are a genius, you will never write your best book on the first attempt. Why? Because after reviewing it, or even publishing it, you will have discovered ways you could have made it better.

Less wording, more meaning, more facts, better language, etc… This is the process of refining.

And this isn’t limited to just the writing part. Your first book publishing deal will never be the best publishing deal you will ever get.

Your first book marketing plan will never be your best one.

You will only get better over time through refining. Refining is change. From what it is, to what it should be.

Apple has always been considered as being the best at delivering consumer-based electronics like personal computers. But make no mistake, it’s because they never stop producing the best. Just when you thought you couldn’t get a better MacBook… they released a better MacBook.

It’s not a new MacBook, it’s an improvement over the old one.

Many yet-to-be-successful people do not see the significance of this. You see, success is a long-term game. Usually a never-ending process. You must change and evolve to get better at succeeding.

This is why success is never an event you arrive at. No. It’s a lifestyle you begin living.

I’m a game developer now. Will I become the best game developer on this continent? Yes. Of course. But why?

Simple. I’m a game developer now. This increases my chances of becoming a better game developer than a person who isn’t a game developer now. Wouldn’t you say so too? :)

You see, I will build on this. I will refine it. I will have to figure out how to make better games. How to sell better. How to market better. How to engage with my audience better.

This is how top experts in any industry are built. Experience alone will do nothing for you if you don’t use it constantly to change and improve what you do.

Talk to any leading expert or successful business person in any industry that you don’t know too well. Pitch your idea of how to succeed in that industry. Don’t be surprised if they dismiss your novice suggestions.

Why? Because they too once had those ideas. But they tested them. Your ideas probably worked at first, but now they are dealing with more refined approaches to the tasks they perform.

If you had the power and potential to start succeeding, what would you immediately begin doing?

Make progress and not excuses.

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