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The rise of reality shows in the past couple of years clearly shows us that many enjoy watching other people live their lives. But what we tend to not think about… is that while we are paying with our attention and money to see how their lives unfold… they are getting rewarded for it.

I’m not only talking about the money they make for being stars of the show. I’m also talking about how they are building personal brands. Brands that they often later use to promote their businesses or what they are most passionate about.

I respect that.

Too often, dreamers and those who say that they want to accomplish goals in life… get caught up with the affairs and events of others. Placing little to no emphasis and focusing on building their own lives.

We get so distracted by the good feeling we get from CONSUMING OTHER PEOPLE’S products or services… that we completely set aside the increasing necessity for CREATING OUR OWN products or services.

We can have daily discussions with friends and colleagues about other people’s lives, TV shows, business successes, progress in life, accomplishments… but can spend almost no time discussing what we are doing to get ahead.

We often tend to have those types of discussions very occasionally as opposed to daily.

There was probably a really enjoyable football match last night… so what’s the first thing you want to discuss with your colleagues when you get to the office in the morning?

If you own that business… I have a strong feeling that it will have little to do with that football match. Especially if sales are low or there are big opportunities to cease that could take your business to the next level.

What matters most to you?

Those around you already know the answer.


Your actions. They are a reflection of your thoughts and priorities.

Don’t be alarmed or feel attacked. This is the truth. You are becoming more and more of what you do… and less and less of what you do not do.

Just look at any employer or successful business person you admire… you should be able to get a pretty good idea of what matters to them most.

It is very hard to find a successful music producer NOT making music or engaging in music-related business activities.

It is very hard to find a successful farmer NOT doing work on his/her farm or engaged in farm-related business activities.

It is very hard to find a successful anybody…not doing success-related activities that are focused on gaining and maintaining their success.

Unless the idea of you succeeding at accomplishing your goals doesn’t truly interest you… I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to spend the bulk of your time trying to.

If you have been keeping up with these articles I’ve been posting, I have to believe that you are just as determined to realize your goals as I am.

I’m constantly looking for ways to make that happen… through growth. Personal growth.

I believe that anyone who isn’t successful yet but is trying to be… just has to transform in mind and habit into the type of person that always succeeds.

Your greatest asset, by far, in your pursuit to becoming successful… is your ability to keep learning and adapting to the mindset and habits responsible for bringing success to those with the burning desire to succeed.


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