Possibilities And Limitations… It’s All In Your Head

Your mind is the most resourceful asset you possess. It can turn thoughts into reality. With the right mindset, you can be assured that you are well on your way to achieving greatness. However, if the mind has been trained to not realize this, then only frustration awaits those trying to accomplish significant goals.

No one can force you to think depressing thoughts. No one can force you to not dream. No one can force you to be afraid… unless you let them.

No one can prevent you from coming up with a list of goals. No one can stop you from researching your topics of interest. No one can hold you back from the progress you need to make every day of your life… unless you let them.

So why would you stop yourself from achieving the greatness you know you can acquire?

A marine biologist conducted an experiment where he put into a small tank, a barracuda and then some small baitfish. As you would expect, the barracuda quickly went to town on the baitfish. Devoured every single one.

The researcher then introduced glass into the tank separating it into two sections. He put the barracuda in one. He then introduced another set of baitfish into the other. The barracuda immediately noticed and made an attempt to attack the baitfish. But it hit the glass and bounced off.

But of course, the barracuda kept repeating this behavior for some time. The baitfish swam unharmed in the other section until the barracuda eventually gave up.

This experiment was repeated over a few days. Each time the barracuda became less aggressive than the last attempt. Eventually, the barracuda ceased to try to attack the baitfish.

The researcher then removed the glass.

The barracuda now trained to believe that there existed a barrier between it and the baitfish, did not attack. The baitfish swam wherever they wished… unharmed.

This was a story I listened to on a podcast episode by Michael Hyatt.

A lot of us hold ourselves back thinking that there exist obstacles between us and our dreams. If not conscious, we become our own worst setbacks in our journeys. We train our minds to accept reasoning that isn’t true. A reasoning that is, in no way, based on any fact.

Where is the evidence that supports the fact that you will not succeed? It doesn’t exist. So why won’t you start succeeding? What is really stopping you from succeeding?

The economy? Your family? Your finances? Your time? The government? School? Bills? Food? Sand? Laughter? Medicine? Cartoons? Sweat? Sausages?

What could seriously be preventing you from writing down your goal? What could seriously be preventing you from breaking down that goal into milestones? What is preventing you from breaking down those milestones into monthly, weekly, or even daily tasks?

Whatever it is, understand it… then go google a way to circumvent it. Go enroll in a course to learn how to master it. Go seek the counsel of one that has conquered it.

Between you and success, is a sound plan. You might get it right the first time. Or you may need to go through several attempts before you figure out what plan will work best. In which case, persist.

The real reason why it’s difficult to try to accomplish large and significant goals is that you have never done so before. All this is new to you. This is why failing doesn’t exist. Because how would you know you have failed at something you have never done before?

You only fail when you no longer continue. When you give up on trying to research the best way to get to where you need to be. You are only 100% sure of always failing… when you always give up.

It’s time for a mindset shift. Your dream is yours alone. And the only way you will accomplish it is if you believe that you can. It has to start with that.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, believe that you are one. If you want to become an animator, believe that you are one. It’s only that you are not yet a well-known or seasoned one.

In conclusion

By now you realized that my topics of discussion are mostly related to having the right kind of mindset as the best tactic in trying to succeed. I’m completely convinced that it starts with this. though still at the beginning, my journey as a game developer has proved this to me thus making me confident that getting to where I need to be… is only a matter of time.

Please, share your thoughts on the matter. Does it make sense to you?

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