The Longer You Persist Pursuing Your Goals, The More Your Mind Moves Away From The Beginner Mindset

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I always try to emphasize just how much the mind changes the longer you pursue your goals. But that is made possible if you ACTIVELY pursue those goals. Merely saying that you’re pursuing a calling while you aren’t actually putting in the effort on a daily basis will NOT cause that change.

It’s like going to a gym. Saying you are a member of a gym won’t change you physically if you are not actually working out at the gym.

This is why people looking at pursuing goals WITHOUT having significant experience actually pursuing goals… form inaccurate assumptions about pursuing goals.

For instance, a person with zero hours pursuing art as a profession is more likely to think that it’s impossible to succeed in it. However, a person with over 10 years of experience as a business professional in that same industry… might have a different opinion on the matter.

The beginner mindset fades away the longer you actively try to figure out “making progress” in whatever it is that you do. Your persistence will train your brain to never stop looking for the best way to get ahead. Something that the beginner usually struggles with.

The beginner is often not thought about too much when it comes to talking about pursuing success. All we usually think is that “the beginner” is just the starting phase of any pursuit.

However, the beginner can very easily be your biggest and most significant obstacle.

An owner of a highly successful business usually faces challenges that scare the average person that isn’t in business. However, he/she almost always tackle that challenge anyway and ends up succeeding. It’s why they are highly successful.

But a beginner faces challenges that are nowhere near the challenges a successful business person faces. And yet… he or she is often crippled by those challenges. Challenges that have more to do with self-confidence than anything else really.

Creating images of failure and obstacles that aren’t even there at the present moment.

I have asked many young people before what industries they want to pursue success in and what industries they will stay away from.

Almost always, I get responses that suggest that some industries are more “successful” than others.

To some significant extent, this can be true. However they almost always never seem to consider that the people behind those industries play a huge role in crafting their own stories of success and failure.

The same industry where you can find a billion-dollar software company founder… is the same industry where you can find a zero-dollar software company founder.

How can the same industry be responsible for two drastic outcomes? Well… this should prompt you to investigate the founders to find the real answer.

It is no secret that the more time you spend on something… the more you understand about that very thing. Spend enough time on it… and you will know more than most. When you get to a situation when you know more than most, you begin to discover things that others don’t get the opportunity to discover because of limited exposure.

Keyword there is opportunity.

But the beginner’s mind cannot yet make sense of such a world. That is why change is ultimately the goal of any pursuit. Without a change of mindset… rarely will the world around you change. Rarely will your view of the world change.

Persist and persevere as you pro-actively pursue your goals DAILY. Embrace the knowledge and new experiences you get exposed to. Push yourself outside your levels of comfort. Don’t allow yourself to stick to old knowledge and experiences. Expand your skillsets by tackling different aspects of what you do. Venture into sales, marketing, finance… all within your industry. Meet different people.

You will understand something important over time. The more you grow, the more you will realize that your previous self had a much lesser chance of ultimately finding success compared to your more “awakened” self.

There is no “magic” to success if you actually consider effort. Even talent is demystified when you consider the actual hours and years people spend honing their craft.

If you want to find out why you aren’t great at marketing your skills or products… try to investigate how much time you have actually spent learning and practicing marketing in the past few weeks/months.

If yesterday, you did not spend a single hour on learning marketing from a YouTube video but still think that the best of the best in marketing are “naturally gifted”… my guess is that you are still navigating your pursuit from the beginner’s mindset.


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