The Reason Why Failure Doesn’t Really Exist

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Learn to see failure what it truly is. A state of mind. It is impossible to ever truly fail… unless you really want to. There is little hope for the person who has a lesser desire to win, and a greater desire to remain defeated.

Think about that for a minute. Why would you quit? Why would you stop? Who tells you to stop? Even if you run out of money, who is telling you to not look for more? Even if you have failed to sell your product/service, who is telling you to not try selling it 5 more times? Even if you failed to get hired by 9 employers, who are telling you not to try to ask for work from another 30?

You… and only you can decide your fate for the next 5 years or next 5 minutes.

The examples mentioned above are an indication that you need to first get better. That you are not yet in the right mindset or with the right skill-set to tackle that opportunity. Because if you were, you would have surely got it.

So analyze what happened. Ask yourself, if I had that very same opportunity to retry, what would I do differently or better? If that analysis shows you that you lack a shirt, attitude, skill-set, or product… stop! Go get whatever you need… then try again.

Come back only when you are ready.

And when you come back, don’t be surprised when you no longer find that same opportunity. Or that you are less interested in it. Why? Because you would have grown more. You would have known more. You would have shown more than you did the first time.

Do you not think it’s possible to outgrow an opportunity? It is. Think about career growth in the corporate world.

The people that end up being the most successful underemployment are those who apply for the job of their dreams, get rejected, learn a new skill (or get a certification), re-apply, get the job of their dreams, and apply for an even greater job. Ambitious people will stop at nothing to learn that extra skill for the purpose of achieving their goals.

This is why failure is nothing more than a state of mind.

I’m so disgusted with the word. These days I often wonder why it exists? Because it poisons meaningful conversations. Cripples dreamers. Yet it’s nothing more than a word that seems to influence the mind.

Looking back, I have realized that I never truly failed at trying to make millions off my first game… Instead, I later found out that the way I tried to sell the game, was what killed my chances.

Notice the key phrase. “I later found out”. Having not known much about selling games, something in me decided to do a little research on the process. Now I’m over the disappointment. Even embarrassed that I had ever felt bad about it.

This is why I’m confident, that I will eventually succeed in my endeavors. For I have chosen to never ever remain defeated or fail again.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

With true desire, the word impossible ceases to hold meaning. Stop, think long and hard about what you truly want to accomplish. Because unless you think it, you will never begin it. You are more capable than you could possibly imagine.

At the position of the most successful men and women we have come to respect and admire today… are mere men and women. The difference between them and the “yet-to-be-successful” is a definite desire, backed with a definite plan, to succeed.

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