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Dealing With The Pressure, Stress And Anxiety That Comes With Deciding To Pursue Your Calling

Working on building a better life for yourself is certainly no easy task. It’s can get extremely difficult for even the most success-focused among us. The fear of failure, the fear of never meeting your goals are things you will have to battle with a lot. Especially early on. And it doesn’t help that you will most likely have to go through these challenges all by yourself. Because not everyone will support or believe in you.

I hope I have never given you the impression that pursuing goals is something that comes easy to people. Because it doesn’t. Most trying everyday to work on bettering themselves feel like they are in the greatest battle of their lives.

So what do you do? How do the pros deal with the stress of pursuing their calling? How do they go to sleep and wake up with the determination fight their fears and conquer their day?

They make these 3 tough but very important decisions.

1. They reject the influence of negative suggestion.

You cannot afford to be influenced by negative thoughts and suggestions that are directed towards you or your efforts. You need to stay away from people and content that does the opposite of help you.

Do not be in the presence of abuse, hate or situations that will cause you to harbor negative feelings and thoughts. None of that brings any ounce of value to you. A negative comment about how you’re wasting time might seem like an honest critique of your efforts, but unless it is followed up by a positive suggestion/plan of what you can do instead to improve… then it will just be meaningless negativity.

Until I decided to pursue my goals with everything I had, I had no idea just how powerful negativity could be in hindering you from making significant progress towards your goals. I had no idea the types of sacrifices people had to make on a daily basis just to make a centimeter of progress towards their goals… until I experienced it.

People aren’t aware long term damage constant negativity can have on the mind of child or adult. It weakens confidence. It causes people to retreat.

Believe me, the smallest amount of positive reinforcement, can go a really long way in helping you pursue your life-long goals.

2. They read and follow people just like them

It takes a while for those beginning their pursuits to realize that they are not the first in their fields to go after the goals they seek. You do not need to go down that hard road of self-development alone.

Read about your role-models and those you look up to. They have been through the fire and made it to the other side. Learn from them. Use them as your shield when you are attacked by the uninformed.

Remind your doubters that this isn’t the first time anyone has attempted to pursuing a calling that everyone else thought was dumb. And unless they are there to help, then they should prevent you from learning about the ways that success is attained in that field.

The knowledge will liberate you. In many cases, it will make it even easier for you to go through your pursuit. Do not re-invent the wheel in your industry. Find the blueprints and build your future from that. You won’t just save a lot of time, but you will ease your stress because someone, somewhere has dealt with those very demons that seek to force you to quit.

3. They work on building their self-confidence

At the end of the day, you have only one life to live. This life is yours. There is no wrong or right way to go about it. Remind yourself that you are in control of the outcomes you get in life because you are in control of the choices and decisions you make.

No one can take away your choices. You can only forget that you have choices.

Choose to build yourself. Choose to develop what you believe in. Every great story has a day 1… and a day 2… and a day 10… and a day 100. Do what you want on those days. Teach yourself, build yourself…

And if no one is there to help or cheer you on… then help and cheer on yourself.

Never compare you capabilities to those of others. That is a losing battle.

You are only in competition with your past self. Focus on being better than that person. That is a battle you can always win if you choose to work on being better. It is the healthiest competition you can ever have.

And the easiest :)

Day 1… I did nothing.

Day 2… I wrote down a plan

The Day 2 version of yourself is waaaaaaayyyyy better than the Day 1 version of yourself.

That is self-development. That is how you make progress. You are never trying to be perfect. You are trying to be better. That’s all you need to achieve on a regular basis.



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