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How Fortune Favors The Prepared

Opportunities and good fortune present themselves in many different ways. And depending on the industry you’re in, luck can find its way to serving you in a way that almost feels like Santa Clause knew exactly what to get you for Christmas. For instance, a photographer getting a chance to cover a celebrity event. Or a school owner getting a huge donation of computers for their labs. How interesting is the idea that maybe we could be able to cause the luck we need to take us closer to our goals?

“Fortune favors the prepared” ~ Louis Pasteur.

We experience luck every day, yet we don’t take the time to notice and appreciate it. If you eat more than one meal a day, you are lucky. If you have a caring family, you are lucky. If you can walk, you are lucky.

But the problem is that since most of these things are what so many others have as well, then it isn’t as appealing as probably winning 1 million dollars. You might raise an eyebrow from me saying this but, if everyone could win a million dollars just like that, what would be the point?

This means something. It tells us that the luck we have come to love and appreciate, is the kind of good fortune that happens to the very few. So how do we become a part of that very few? One option is wake up every morning and cross your fingers extremely hard to the point they turn blue.

Or, we could find a way to stand out from the crowd. Think of who you are now in your industry. Let me tell you what luck could look like for you. If you are web designer, luck for you could look like scoring a huge web design contract with a hotel like the Hilton. If you are an music artist, luck could be in being asked to perform alongside Eminem who will be holding a concert in your region.

What if I told you that you could cause this and not necessarily wait for chance to pick you? And it’s no secret formula too. But it does take a series of steps to get to there.

The first thing to do, is to begin working on your goal or dream. If at this very moment you are considering putting up a blog because you love to write and share your thoughts because you feel that people will like it, then do it. If you also fantasize about winning the blog awards, then put up a blog. You can’t win an award for best blog if you don’t have one in the first place.

Step two is to give it your best. If you aspire to be a great blogger, then write great content. Give your posts, your best thinking, your best tone and more importantly make it appealing to your audience. The best blog award will go to the author with the best articles.

Number 3 is to never stop doing what you do. Do it regularly. Walk towards your dream every day. When you have 10minutes to spare, do what you love.
I don’t think the blog awards are ever given to those that last wrote their most recent blog post in 1967. Not that you have to write every single day, but do it on a regular basis to keep the momentum up.

Step four is to engage your audience. In today’s world, everyone is connected to everyone else. Especially because of social media, people constantly seek meaningful relationships. Get to know the people you are trying to influence. There is reason why they are reading your blog, listening to your music or playing your games. Find out why, and find out what more you could offer them to give them an ever-lasting positive experience with you every time the read, listen or play.

Guess who votes for blogs at the blog awards? Yep! Readers. Hopefully your readers. Hopefully for you.

If you do these four steps, you will begin to stand out. Luck will seek you. One of your readers will recommend your blog post to their friend because your content is really great content. Someone close to a really famous music producer may recommend your demo tape to them because they think you have potential.

Why? Because, you are in fact a blogger or musician. You create great posts or music. You consistently create these great posts or music tracks. You have people that read, listen and respect your craft. It’s inevitable. You will be blessed with good fortune because you care enough to work hard to developing your craft. People pay attention to these things a lot more than most of us think.

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” ~ Samuel Goldwyn

In Conclusion

I really think that we have more potential than we sometimes realize to take ourselves to the next level. If we believe, strive and never stop, we will eventually be accompanied by good fortune on our journey to become successful. Let me know what you think. You’re feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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