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The First Day Of The Rest Of YOUR Life

At least once, every single day, you are no different from the successful people you respect and admire.

It seems hard to believe this fact especially if we consider the difference in bank balances between you and your successful role model.

But that is only because we look at the RESULT of their success.

What if for a moment we focused on the CAUSE of their success? What meaningful information could we find… that could help us get closer to the success we seek?

By always asking myself this question, I came to realize that at least once every single day… we are no different from the successful people we are trying to be like.

This moment in time, is when we wake up.

Like a blank slate, the moment you get up in the morning says absolutely nothing about the progress you have made that day. Simply because you haven’t done anything yet.

And it is at this moment, that we are no different from anyone else in the world… including the successful people.

They too wake up with a blank slate.

It may be true that they wake up in better beds and with bigger bank balances… however, this isn’t about what they have. It’s about what they do.

There is a flaw in the way we like to think about success. Many believe that once you have attained success… you rest.

As if, you have reached the end. You have made it. You can now sleep longer hours… eat anything you like… party non-stop for a month… travel all over the world without limitations… etc.

This isn’t true.

Success isn’t only attained… it is also maintained.

If you really think that many of those people that you respect and call successful stop working at all once they have made their millions… then you are going to find the road to success impossible to travel on.

Successful people had to work hard to get to where they are. But you don’t just stop working hard once you attain success. You work strategically (which may still include working even harder).

You see, we are often introduced to the successful men and women through magazines and laid-back interviews. We don’t get to live with them in the same house or to share desks with them at work.

We really have no idea what goes on their lives beyond the moments when TV celebrates the milestones they achieve. And this can make it very hard to figure out how exactly they became successful.

Well… unless of course we read about them.

Fortunately, a great number of the people we look up to have written about their journeys in books. Some have even documented their day-to-day lives on video.

A lot about the challenges they faced and strategies they used to attain their success in your industry is explained a lot of this material.

Bringing people like you and me, closer and closer to the truth about what it really takes to succeed in anything we desire to accomplish.

I honestly hope that if you are striving to be a success story yourself… that part of your efforts include studying those that have gone before you and succeeded.

It worries me greatly to see so many determined individuals pursuing success without the help or guidance from those that have obviously succeeded in their field.

There seems to be a greater reliance on the inexperienced self then on actual factual evidence and strategies that have helped countless rise to the top from humble begins.

You wake up today and decide that you are going to be an online social media expert… yet you have never heard the name Gary Vaynerchuck.

You wake up today and decide that you are going to be the top selling salesperson in your region… but you have never heard the name Brian Tracy.

Success follows success… literally.

And you cannot come close to being the best… unless you are studying the best.

They have seen what you see now. They have faced what you face now. They have felt what you feel now. They have the answers to questions you don’t even realize you should be asking right now. They have experience and much more.

When you wake up, you are no different from the other successful people you admire.

When you wake up, you are no different from the other people like you, hungry to succeed.

It is when you go to sleep that this difference is really seen.

The 2nd most important question to ask yourself at the end of the day is – What did you do today that brought you closer to goal you seek to accomplish?

The 1st most important question to ask yourself at the beginning of the day is – What will you do today that will bring you closer to the goal you seek to accomplish?

Ensure that the first thing on your mind when you get out of bed is aligned with what you truly desire to achieve. This subtle yet significant discipline has a way of empowering you to make the next few hours of that day productive.

Doing this consistently over a week, can lead to a small shift in lifestyle.

Doing this consistently for months… can change your life.

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution… most successful people have a New Day’s resolution.

The most important thing to them overall may be to achieve something grand… but the most important thing to them on any given day, is to focus on only conquering that day.

Which is a lot easier than having to promise yourself that next year, you will be rich and healthier.

Every single morning when you arise, you and your significant successful other, is at the same exact level.

By the time you go sleep, one of you has made more progress towards the life they want.

Always realize that when you wake up every morning, it is the first day of the rest of your life.


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