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Transformation: The Indication That Success Is Beginning To Happen

Our lives are shaped by our environment and how we respond to that environment. If one is born into an environment of poverty and misery, then one has two choices. To accept the environment and continue in the shadow poverty. Or to change that environment and strive for a different existence he or she desires. Many call the latter choice, success. And many still, call the process of becoming successful, a transformation.

You can replace poverty and misery with any undesirable circumstance. But the same two choices will always exist.

To be or not to be…

But let’s try to understand transformation because so many misunderstand what it really means.

To transform means to change. And unless you change who you are, how you think, how you live, how you respond, how you speak, how you present yourself… you cannot not experience a transformation.

This is why success strategies do not seem to have an effect on some. Because at the very core, success requires you to first accept who you are. It requires you to then commit to transforming yourself to the person you are not yet.

Are you willing to change? Are you willing to become that person who actually does succeed? Are you ready to stop being the victim and to start being the victor? Only then will the effort you put into trying to succeed, really start to work.

Think about those trying to lose weight. To them success may be acquiring a great looking body. Feeling stronger, healthier and more energetic.

They look for training courses. The begin doing the workouts. But after a month of following the program, nothing seems to work.

So what do they do? They change the program of course. They go for more involving workout programs in efforts to apply more pressure on themselves as they go through the workouts.

But in the end… nothing.

The workouts turn out to be such a chore, it almost feels like it was a mistake to have even considered switching to tougher workouts. Because the stronger the dose of the workout, the more resistance to doing it.

In the end, the hope and dream to succeed dies. Never to return again. Fate sealed.

What is the problem?

Change. The resistance to change. Instead of focusing on becoming a healthier person, people focus on doing a workout.

And that can be oddly dangerous.

You see, how much effort is one putting into understanding the lives of healthier people? I mean, apart from the obvious workouts, what else are you looking into improving so as to attain a healthier body?

Do you honestly believe that the ONLY difference between you and a healthier looking person is a workout?

What do healthier people eat? Who do they surround themselves with? What kind of reading do they do? How do they spend their weekends?

Try to understand one thing. The person that isn’t healthy, cannot co-exist with the person that is healthy. You can’t live both lives. One will surely dominate the other.

You either choose to become healthy or chose to remain unhealthy. You can’t have a healthy body with an unhealthy mindset. The same way in which you can’t have an unhealthy body with a healthy mindset.

This is true change. This is real transformation. This is the real beginning of any journey towards success.

Replace the health and workout scenario with any dream or goal you hope to achieve. The question will always remain the same.

Are you willing to change?

Success is realized by those individuals ready for it. And to know if you are really ready for it, is to ask yourself what are you willing to sacrifice. What are willing to learn. What are you willing to stop and what are you willing to start.

A poor mindset cannot produce wealth and abundance. A rich mindset cannot produce poverty and scarcity.

So what is your current state of mind giving you? Wealth or poverty? Success or failure? Happiness or misery?

What could your state of mind give you if you changed it?

That is the most important and most empowering question you could ever ask yourself.

And begin now. Do not think that it will change overnight. Because you have lived most of your life believing in what may not be working for you right now.

Changing that will take time and conscious effort. There are habits you will need to break. There are habits you will need to adopt. And sooner or later, like riding a bike, you will be the master of your own destiny.

It may sound dramatic but it’s really not. It’s practical.

So I ask you again.

Are you willing to change?

Well, are you?

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