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To Become A Champion, Live Everyday Like One

As you are well aware, setting a goal is never the most challenging part of striving for success. Following through or working towards achieving it, is where many fail. And I can appreciate that sometimes it truly is a challenge taking ourselves from where we are to where we want to be, on just desire alone. That’s where success habits come in. People that you consider successful will most likely have a set of habits that greatly contribute to their success. Because it is in habits that you can find motivation and a way to strengthen your discipline.

To increase your chances of accomplishing your goals, your heart, mind and body must be in their best condition. Without thinking too deeply about it, this just means you should prevent these crucial parts of your being from being distracted or even assaulted.

For instance: How easier do you think it is running a chain of 5-star hotels when your intoxicated 24/7 versus when your completely sober? Or how easier is it to come up with a song about love when you are absolutely depressed versus when you have fallen in love at first sight?

My point is that sometimes we are our own obstacles when trying to succeed because we don’t try to do it strategically. Thus making it seem like reaching for our goals is a lot more difficult than it should be.

Trying to become successful is going to take a lot out of you. You won’t wake up every single day with the enthusiasm you had the day before. Over time, it’s possible that you will eventually burn out and quit.

But with the right habits in place, you will discipline and condition your being to always fight the resisting force to slack off or even give up. Not only that, but you will also then be equipped with the necessities needed to take you even further than you had initially imagined.

All I’m saying is that you probably encountered obstacles a couple of times trying to work on your goals and you are still determined to do so. Would it hurt you to explore ways to ensure that you are more prepared to handle setbacks and discouragement?

Champions aren’t champions by accident. Everything they did, every single day, from before you heard of them, to who they are now… greatly contributed to their accomplishments.

So, start living like a champ. Here are 3 steps to help you get started.

Identify the habits of highly successful people

Start with habits around time. It is the most important resource you posses. Look at how champions use their time. Specifically how they manage it and what they do with it. Many generally split it into working on their goals, working on developing themselves and taking a break from all the madness.

Your own frustrations and set backs could well be a result of a not-so-effective time and priority management system.

Reading regularly is also a great habit to help you get started. I’m not just talking about novels, but there are books in your industry that have been written on the topics that are probably frustrating you the most right now. There’s no reason to waste time figuring how to deal with issues all on your own.

Make these habits your way of life

After you start, make sure you take note of the positive side-effects. Do you feel like you are dealing with tasks better? Are you using your time more effectively? Has your productivity increased? Are you more well-informed?

Because if you start experiencing positive results as a result of adopting success habits, then you should make those habits a part of your everyday life. The effectiveness of a positive habit is greatly dependent on your consistency in applying daily without fail.

Never forget what truly matters

You aren’t adopting habits for the sake of adopting habits. You want something greater and right now your best chances of getting it is to be focused and disciplined. The habits are truly just a means to an end.

Let’s say you want to lose weight. If you wake up knowing you know you should exercise but instead decide to just go back to sleep… then ask yourself if you truly want to lose weight. Maybe it’s not that important to you. Because if it was important, you would exercise. Simple.

In conclusion

People wrote entire books on this topic alone. One book I just started reading (as of the time of this blog post) which came highly recommended was The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.

Like you, I’m out to make it in life. The journey towards achieving my goals is one I have never been on before. If the champions that have gone before me, suggest tips on how best to get there, then believe me, I will pay attention. I will emulate. I will live like a champion.

If this makes sense to you or not, please feel free to share your thoughts.

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