3 Opportunities To Make Progress That You Are Probably Taking For Granted

Making progress in your life is directly linked to your everyday actions. Because if you imagine not getting out of bed for an entire week, what possible progress could you have made during that period? The people that are yet to become successful have a lot more opportunities to grow than they realize. Here are some opportunities you may not be taking advantage of as well as you probably should.

Free Learning

Music production, graphics design, web design, game development. I would not have known any of these if it were not for the internet. I know that you are also aware of just how much learning content is available online, for you to grow in your industry. For free.

The truth about your success is that no one will just give it to you. It is something you must go in pursuit of. Picture yourself thinking about wanting to become the most successful agriculture blogger. Then picture yourself frustrated about not knowing where to start. Ok, picture yourself doing all the above, and sitting next to a computer with a high-speed internet connection. Now, picture yourself crying.

What’s wrong with that situation? I will leave that up to you to deeply reflect on. The most important thing to remember about trying to learn anything new is that the minimum entry requirement is passion. I have seen law students code software. I have seen produce farmers become motivational speakers.

As long as you convince yourself that you can’t learn something totally out of your area of comfort… then trust me, you won't. You are whoever you think you are. You are not, whoever you think you are not.

Free Mentorship

I know that a lot of people, including you and me, would make the most out of a meeting with influential people like Bill Gates and Oprah. Their input on how to make it in life would be extremely valuable in helping us make progress in ours.

However, the chances of us getting a one on one with them is really slim.

Luckily for us, there are so many more people around us that could give us quality guidance just as well. I mean, if you have really paid attention to what these very accomplished people talk about, it’s really the same topic. About dreams, struggle, tactics, persevering… the same topics.

Sitting down with a friend, sibling, parent, uncle, a friend of the family who happens to be a business person… all these people have insight and information that could help you in one way or another. And they are readily available.

The question is, are you using this time with them to try to grow your ideas? What do you talk about when with them? What do you talk about with friends when you socialize? Do any of those discussions challenge you to improve something about yourself so that you can make more significant progress? Again, take time to deeply reflect on this.

A Chance To Start

Action is the key difference between the successful and the yet-to-be successful. We have opportunities to act every single day of our lives to help us move close to what we dream about constantly.

If you wanted to start writing, creating a blog is free. If you wanted to start making games, there are free software packages and tutorials to go along with them. If you wanted to start selling casual clothing, there are people you could get in touch with to understand the process you need to start.

Am I wrong? You can challenge me if you think this is fake. No matter what profession, skill, or industry… I can tell you exactly what you need to do to get started. And guess what, I don’t even need to have any expertise in those industries to show you how.

Defend your passion and defend your dream. It’s not going to be easy trying to succeed. But one thing I can bet on is that we generally defeat ourselves before we even take the first step. Developing the attitude and habits of persistent, confident people takes practice. Something that you can only develop when you begin to act.

In Conclusion

My argument is that a lot of what we need to begin making progress is already available. There are many more opportunities we take for granted, but I feel that these three and foundational in helping us get started. Let me know if this makes sense to you.

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