If At First You Don’t Succeed, Change Your Plan Not Your Goal

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We all know that you cannot pursue any significant goal without encountering obstacles. In fact, many of those who manage to attain and maintain success, consider failure as being an essential part of the pursuit of success. That without understanding failure, one might never truly understand success.

However, it is not always easy to see failure as being a key component in attaining success. Especially if we are working on a significant goal for the very first time.

Because failure is discouraging. When you put effort into pursuing something and you fail to attain it, your spirit gets crushed. You begin wondering if you even knew what you were doing in the first place.

Failure to attain one’s goal is the reason why countless people have tossed aside their dreams. Opting to settle for lives or pursuits less… dramatic.

I mean, if you ask me, pursuing your passion is more of an emotional war than one fought with skill and intelligence.

Skill cannot save you from the feeling you get from the disappointment of failure. Nor can intelligence. In fact, they can amplify that feeling.

Could this also be the reason why they say, “before you can conquer your dreams, you must first conquer yourself”?

You cannot stop the man or woman that refuses to stay down no matter how many times life has beaten them. This is the real secret behind all great achievements. Unwavering determination to attain one’s most valued goal.

The person that possesses such determination is influenced only by thoughts and actions that contribute to the attainment of that person’s goal. Any thought or action that does not contribute to this goal, is neither tolerated nor welcomed.

When you have learned to develop such a state of mind, you might as well call yourself a success.

Success isn’t when you have finally made more money than you know what to do with… But it is when you have developed the mindset and character to be the kind of person that attracts more money than you know what to do with. And this mindset can be developed way before the mention of money has been made.

Do not rely on strategies and tactics alone to succeed. Rely first and heavily on your determination to not rest until you have attained that which you want most.

When men and women fail to attain their goals. It is not the goals that are flawed, but the plans they used. So make new plans. You might as well remind yourself that you are not an exceptional genius who can figure out an entire industry in one attempt to succeed.

What if your plans were faulty? Surely there could be different plans. Better plans. More well-researched plans. Why not try those and see if they get you closer to your goals?

If still, those plans do not work? Then you know what doesn’t work. Write it down. Then begin again to try to find out what will work.

This is where you get to know your real self. If you are a winner or a quitter. You can never ever be both at the same time. A winner never quits. A quitter never wins.

I completely understand that life can be rough for many of us. We could definitely find ourselves in situations or in roles where we don’t feel as free as we would like to be to pursue our dreams. But let me remind you that we take our lives for granted. There are people who lived and continue to live under unimaginable conditions… yet, persevere to keep their dreams alive.

You are reading a blog post. A luxury not many will ever have the privilege to take advantage of. At the end of the day, filling a wallet with excuses will not improve the quality of anyone’s life.

If you were meant to succeed, then you will find it absolutely unbearable to live a life without the success you constantly dream about. You’re everyday will not feel “right” until you are living the life you truly want. You will not rest until you have done all that you can to get to where you need to be.

You will not care what people say or think. You will not care what your financial situation is like. You will not care whether the odds are stacked against you. You will not care if you are handicapped in any way. You will not care how many times you stumble in your efforts to try to succeed. You will not care how long it will take… but until you are living the life you want… you will constantly be reminded that you are living a life you do NOT want. You will be motivated to take action.

If you can develop this state of mind, what on earth could possibly stop you from getting that which you want most?

The amateurs worry about how they can avoid failure. The professionals worry about finding the right plan that will ensure their success and does not care how long it will take.

Never worry about how long it will take to succeed as long as you are pursuing your passion with honest effort and a willingness to grow/learn. Impatience leads to quitting when one does not see favorable results in a few months. Do not submit to emotions or tactics that are influenced by impatience.

In most cases, you will just have to appreciate the fact that you aren’t yet ready for the success that you crave. If you were, you would have already gotten it. Therefore it is your duty to find out what you need… to become the kind of person that succeeds.

“I have not failed, not once. I’ve discovered ten thousand ways that don’t work.” ~ Thomas A. Edison


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