Stop Making Excuses And Start Making Progress

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Dreamers may start off as people with ideas and a vision of an ideal future. However, the true dreamer is actually a builder. A person with not only a plan but also the will to take action to ensure that plan is realized. Ideas are cheap. It’s why people hesitate when it comes to investing in people with ideas. Instead, they very readily invest in men and women willing to take action. Are you a person of action?

Taking action seems to cripple most people just beginning to pursue their dreams. And this often happens when you are not paying attention. I can bet you almost anyone you know thinks constantly about their dreams or goals in private. They get excited about it. They even create a plan on how to begin accomplishing it. They may even begin to take the first steps.

But eventually, they stop. They shake their heads, splash cold water on their faces as if trying to wake up from a dream. They force themselves back to “reality”. And they end up dropping those goals entirely.

This is usually all happening under your nose, but you can never tell because they never talk about it or even hint at the idea that they are striving for something when they are around you.


Fear of course. Fear in its many forms. Doubt, embarrassment, uncertainty, logical reasoning! Yes, even reasoning. A really strange kind of reasoning. And the kind I’m talking about is the kind that has someone think their way out of taking action.

For example. The reason why I can’t begin to learn how to make video games (even though deep down it’s all I think about), is because I never did a computer-related course in high school or college. Trying to catch up now would prove challenging and would certainly consume a large chunk of my time.

This reason is sound. It’s practical. However, it is based on absolutely NO FACT!

There is no fact proving YOU would not be able to quickly overcome those challenges one faces when trying to learn game design. There exists no fact proving that YOU learning game design will actually consume a large chunk of your time.

And even if your reasoning is correct, why not begin anyway? This “large chunk of time” you very readily defend, what of important meaning do you use it for? Think about all the activities you do on a daily basis. Then ask yourself of all the 10 things you do every day that occupy your time, is every single one more important than working on your dream?

Or could it be that you are actually afraid to begin succeeding? Yes. It’s true. Even the fear of success exists. In truth, it’s the fear to leave one’s comfort zone. There is no hope for the man or woman, striving for success, but who can’t move out of his or her comfort zone.

Success is all about making the most strategic investments in your time.

Every single human being wakes up to the same daily allowance in time. 24 hours. And every single human being invests that entire amount every single day. Therefore time is never wasted.

What you should be aware of, is that there are those that make wise investments… and those that refuse to be conscious about what they are buying with their time.

It is these same people that made wise investments, that become the men and women we come to respect and look up to today. For they have strategically managed to budget and buy valuables for the houses they now live in called their dreams.

It is these same people that made the unconscious unwise investments, that have become men and women filled with regret, lack of hope, and anger because they believe that life has shown them no mercy over the years.

Successful men and women from everywhere have shown us time and time again, that whatever they think is possible, can become possible. And for the rest: whatever they think is impossible, remains impossible.

If you create excuses, you live excuses. Excuses become your reality. If you don’t believe me, think back to the logical reasoning example. If you tell yourself that you can’t become a game designer because it will be difficult to begin right now… well, what becomes your reality?

Take action. Face the challenge. I can most certainly promise you that those who got past the initial challenges have always looked back wondering what they were ever afraid of. Why they never took action earlier.

Stop making excuses and start making progress.

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