The Battle Between Who You Were And Who You Could Become

I have always believed that in order to acquire success, you have to change from who you are now to the type of person that succeeds. If you aren’t a successful business person now, then you need to adopt the mindset and habits of the type of business person that succeeds.

But how does one do that?

In business, just immerse yourself into the world of business. But pay close attention to those people that are succeeding. Focus on them by asking questions such as how, why, where, when, and what they did to become successful. And after you find out… apply it. Make adjustments. And keep doing this until you become successful yourself.

You may start off with a good idea or with a lot of capital or even with a strong determination. But you still need to pay attention to those who had those very things when they started. Pay attention to how they used them to succeed.

By making yourself a student of industry success, you will naturally get better in the industry. Becoming better leads to becoming successful.

This is especially important for you if you are starting from a place where you do not have access to an abundant supply of resources. You have to turn yourself into your most important resource by continuously thinking and practicing successful habits.


This seems straights forward. All you need to do to change for the better is “live success” one day at a time. But the one person that will consistently try to stop you from going through such an important change… is the person you have always been up to that point.

You see, change is difficult for most of us.

Unless you have been a successful business person, writer, or football player… the reality is that you haven’t.

That part of you that wants to change is going to receive relentless resistance from that part of you that has never known (or wanted) change.

When faced with the opportunity to start adopting the thinking habits and actions of those that are successful… our “old” selves tend to use a type of logic and emotional manipulation to prevent us from embracing that opportunity.

All of a sudden you don’t want to work on goals because “now isn’t the right time” because some other thing is more important. Or because “you don’t feel like doing it right now”.

If you want a healthier body, you KNOW that you are supposed to be exercising regularly. However, that morning when you are supposed to get out of bed for that early morning run… your “old” self tends to give logical explanations for why you should NOT start that morning. Maybe you should start the following day.

This is also seen in people struggling to work on developing their ideas or businesses. The old self was a person that never had to work on developing ideas or working on growing a business.

These are activities are suggestions made by a more successful version of yourself.

If you fail to do those activities or make those decisions that are necessary to bring you closer to the life you want… then it’s an indication that you are allowing your “old” self to make some of your most important decisions.

And is that a good thing?


And so exists the battle between who you have always been and who you could become.

In order to succeed, you must make more success-focused decisions and less “what I have always known” decisions. Because what you have always known may not always serve you well when pursuing something you have never known. Like success.

Every single person that goes through and persists in the pursuit of success is never the same person they started as.

This is a fact.

They think differently. They associate with different people. Their conversations are different. They believe in different things as far as success is concerned. They are more informed and do not work with faulty assumptions about success.

They find themselves more compatible with others who are also successful.

Birds of the feather…

You must appreciate just how important this battle between who you were and who you could become, is.

And you must understand that in order for you to become the type of person that gets whatever you want out your life… then you must win against that part of you that desires to settle for less.

It’s that simple…

Well… in theory.

But to increase your chances of winning such an important battle, you are going to have to immerse yourself in that life which you want starting with how you think and the kinds of actions you take every single day.

Google, youtube, read books, listen to industry podcasts. Keep working on your craft/passion.

There is no professional/successful writer that does not think or practice writing daily.

There is no professional/successful footballer that does not think or practice football daily.

There is no successful business person that does not think or practice business daily.

And it’s really easy to track whether or not you are headed towards the goal of succeeding at what you do by simply looking at your track record of actions.

What you do on a daily basis ultimately proves to you (and the world) which part of you is winning. The part that wants to change for the better… or the part that wants to remain the same.

I want to leave you with a quote that took me a while to really understand and appreciate.

“Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.” ~ Napoleon Hill

He makes a strong case for this argument in his book Think And Grow Rich.


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