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On this blog, I share with you my journey into the world of Self-Development. I'm convinced that the most efficient path to personal achievement, is through personal growth. All I want to do is start a conversation about what we should probably focus on if we want to make significant progress towards goals that matter most to us.

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You Become What You Repeatedly Do

28th December 2019 Self-Development

If you are a dreamer, like me, I want to teach you a little trick I use to overcome self-doubt. You can use it every time you feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or frustrated that things aren’t going as you planned… or if progress seems extremely slow.

Continuous And Never Ending Improvement

25th November 2019 Self-Development

Creating permanent change in your life is no easy task. It’s also not a “one-time” task either. In order to bring long-lasting positive change, you are going to be doing a set of tasks, on an ongoing basis. It’s similar to how top-performing athletes don’t just quit working out after they have won 1 championship. Continuous and never-ending improvement is a lifestyle choice critical for anyone seeking success.

Dealing With The Pressure, Stress And Anxiety That Comes With Deciding To Pursue Your Calling

3rd June 2018 Self-Development

Working on building a better life for yourself is certainly no easy task. It’s can get extremely difficult for even the most success-focused among us. The fear of failure, the fear of never meeting your goals are things you will have to battle with a lot. Especially early on. And it doesn’t help that you will most likely have to go through these challenges all by yourself. Because not everyone will support or believe in you.

4 Areas Of Your Life You Need To Invest In If You Want To Build A More Successful Life

27th May 2018 Self-Development

I want to quickly talk about areas of your life you need to work on if you are truly serious about creating a more successful life for yourself. Being aware of where you are in life is very important in helping you understand what you must do next to get to your next milestone.

Aligning Your Lifestyle To Your Goals Makes Attaining Them A Lot Less Difficult

9th May 2018 Self-Development

A goal is a destination. To get to it, you must be mindful of what you do and what you think about. Because each thought and action is like a step in some direction. Align those thoughts and actions to face the direction of your goal… and you will end up getting to it a lot faster, with a lot less frustration.

It’s Easier To Procrastinate When You Let How You Feel Influence Your Productivity

29th April 2018 Self-Development

It’s going to take a lot to accomplish the types of goals that change a person’s life. Not only will it take significant effort, but it will also definitely take time as well. It is important for anyone that decides to pursue a goal to find an effective way to maintain the effort they put into making progress.

5 Things That Motivate People To Pursue Personal Goals With Everything They Got

25th April 2018 Self-Development

When you decide to pursue your goals, you set your own targets. If it is a business you want to establish, you determine just how big you want it to get. Obviously, the more ambitious your goal, the more effort you are going to have to put in to accomplish it.

Survive The Pursuit – Why You Should Get More Comfortable With Doing What Seems Hard/Impossible To Others

19th April 2018 Self-Development

If you have been pursuing a goal for a while, you will no doubt understand that there is more to succeeding than just pursuing a calling, passion or opportunity. Striving usually also involves struggling to survive. Especially if you decide to pursue anything full time.

Reading The Right Books About Your Industry, Is The An Effective Strategy For Succeeding In It

7th April 2018 Self-Development

When I think about the days I first began reading books on personal development and the industries I’m interested in succeeding in… I often think about the person I was. Because it helps me measure change or the progress I have made. Specifically HOW I made it. Nothing ever truly happens without cause or reason.

Dealing With Disappointment And Failure As You Pursue Your Goals

4th April 2018 Self-Development

It’s been 4 months since you last set your New Year’s Resolution or set your goals. So far, you are nowhere near where you thought you would be. Or maybe it’s worse than that. Maybe what you set out to achieve by now… just didn’t work out. You failed.

The Longer You Persist Pursuing Your Goals, The More Your Mind Moves Away From The Beginner Mindset

29th March 2018 Self-Development

I always try to emphasize just how much the mind changes the longer you pursue your goals. But that is made possible if you ACTIVELY pursue those goals. Merely saying that you’re pursuing a calling aren’t actually putting in the effort on a daily basis will NOT cause that change.

Do You Love What You Do And Know If It Will Make You Successful?

16th March 2018 Self-Development

One of the greatest challenges we face as people trying to succeed in life is finding work that will lead to that success. By the time we are adults we pretty much come to understand that the lives we want to have are going to depend on the type of work/passion/calling, we end up pursuing.

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